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(ANSA) – PORT-AU-PRINCE, July 8 – Ariel Henry, the figure who was appointed by late President Jovenel Moise as Prime Minister on July 5, came out and claimed in an interview that he was, and not Claude Joseph, the interim prime minister. Who assumed full power after the assassination of the head of state, to have the full right to lead the country’s government.

In an interview with Le Nouvellliste, Henry explained that “he did not want to pour fuel on the fire and increase an already dangerous fire, but my appointment was published in the Official Gazette and I was already forming the government when they attacked the presidential residence.”

He added that Joseph “did a good job and was expected to continue as foreign minister in the new government structure.” He pointed out that to solve this problem, “I believe that there is an opportunity for dialogue that leads us to an agreement and allows us to better prepare for the upcoming elections” scheduled for September 26.

Regarding the decisions taken by the current prime minister, Henry says that “some of them were very hasty, like declaring a state of siege. I don’t think we were in a position to require that.”

Through his career as a neurologist, the interviewee reiterated: “I am the prime minister, while Joseph was an outgoing interim president and resumed the position of foreign minister (appointed to him in 2020), and therefore in my opinion he is no longer prime minister or are there two prime ministers in this country?” (handle).

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