Is Peter Bose approaching the Lyon crisis after this new quack?

In Park OL,

As a sign, Anthony Lobs also made an unexpected full-time knock off the ball Wednesday against State de Reims. Alexis Phillips’ long shot is certainly powerful, but above all full print. Mostly imperial since the start of the season, the OL goalkeeper was unable to stop the ball this time around, almost harmless. In the search, Hugo Ekidike had fun mysteriousing the Lobs-Denier duo (1-2, 90 + 4).

The consequences for Lyonnais are dire: here they are in 10th place, dropping 7 points from OM (2nd) after a worrying series of three defeats in their last five games in League 1. Again, only two wins in the league (almost 2-1) against Lens and almost a month and a half due to the suspension of Teji Savani during Sunday (0-1) trip to Montpellier. Despite the clear round in the Europa League, why does everything go to such a point in defeat?

Ryan Sergi and Malo Custo have lost their fifth game of the season after playing only 15 games. – Laurent Cypriani / AB / Ciba

The most common of all is collective mediocrity

“Tonight was so bad, we deserved to win, you have to be honest with it. From the start of the match, we did not play properly, it was a tough moment. Even though he was personally on the tough side, Peter Bose was not the type to improve one night. To lose. His team has so far failed to show the identity and consistent results of playing over time. Such horrendous figures are on the rise: the worst total goals in its history in 19 years (23), after 15 matches in the top flight, including 6 in extra time like Wednesday.

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“OL was not in a hurry, it was aggressive, sad for the Dutch coach. In general, we’ve played better than that. Together, I have never seen a team act aggressively.” We know we have a quality band, but that’s not all.

With fewer solutions, Peter Bose admitted he was “worried.”

Four-and-a-half months later, we acknowledge that Peter Bose’s game plan was best realized during the first production match at Wolfsburg (4-1) on July 17 at Park OL. Is his famous five-second rule that you must succeed in retrieving the ball in defensive change still relevant? It seems to have been forgotten as the band quietly left Eunice Abdelhamid Compresses Throughout the Wednesday meeting. While the wind of freshness sometimes blows by the fancy game may seem like ancient history, has the person concerned been weakened by this observation? “Of course it worries me. 10th place is not for us. But to be honest, it’s not just about taking three points. We have to play better with better pressure. It has nothing to do with physiology either.

It is difficult to see any inconsistency in some of his recent selections, such as Xherdan Shaqiri’s tenure against OM (interrupted in the 5th minute of the game). From against Montpellier and Reims. “The place where I see him play better is in the middle. We have Houssem and Paqueta playing more on the right side. We have a lot of players with the same temperament.” With Peter Bose, the OL have already lost five games in the half-season, against six throughout 2020-2021. Suffice it to say that the profile of the first coach removed from our beloved League 1 is still with the Dutchman since Wednesday.

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Lucas Paqueta is less dazzling

Did Juninho’s semi-official departure on November 17 announce himself on RMC Sport, or was it a fact that he was thrown out of the right-wing center-forward position due to the influence of Lucas Bagota? On October 16, Park OL was absolutely delighted to be fielded in the Brazilian playmaker’s game against Monaco (2-0).

Lukasz Baguette missed solid gold in a 2-1 win over Rajkovic and State de Reims on Wednesday.  Olivier Secycnol
Lukasz Baguette missed solid gold in a 2-1 win over Rajkovic and State de Reims on Wednesday. Oliver Saccinol – AFP

On Wednesday it was the ground behind a terribly sad screen, which was a scene of average play for his part. Although he felt some tendencies such as this free kick by Diego Mendes played brilliantly and very quickly and deeply, 2-1 (1-1, 71st) like this golden ball, Bucketta did not win. When does a “Paquetamania” return before dizzy curves? We will find out more on December 8 with the LFP’s disciplinary committee.

Very damaged lawn except for the camera

Haussem Aur and Peter Bose insisted that they did not want to use “closed doors or lawn excuses”. But Lyon coach Park OL is right about the ground, it has never been in as bad a condition as it is now. “It’s embarrassing, we have a team playing ball, it’s almost impossible to do that on this field,” Peter Bose asserts. This is not a high quality lawn. “

Here, too, Haussem goes in his direction: “Tonight, it’s not a good lawn. Sometimes, it’s a problem in terms of restrictions. Doing is not a fair reflection of this collective position.


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