Travaglio on La7: “The Meloni government keeps firing, a mixture of ferocity and ignorance. By throwing the ball into the stands, one ends up like Salvini”

Meloni government? it should solving problems Instead of continuing to throw slogans and statements and shoot I don’t know if they reported anymore ferocity Or more ignorance. Let’s just say it’s a great combination.” So Half past eight (A 7) Director Everyday factMarco TravaglioComments on the latest flowery statements by various members of Meloni’s government LGBT families and on tax reformNot least the Minister of Economy Giancarlo GiorgettiAccording to which the upcoming tax law “rewards those who want to work.”

“Slogans are good on the campaign trail,” Travaglio continues, “but governments are formed to solve problems. If you promise to cut taxes for everyone, you have to show me how you do it and where you get the money. It’s impossible to judge this reform, because it’s a very vague enabling law. From what we understand There is an awful thing: again it benefits upper-middle-income earnerswhile there is a complete disclosure of the lower middle income left to themselves and that Sooner or later they will rebel“.

He adds, “It is true that the French are more stubborn than us when they pretend, but… By always beating the poor, sooner or later there will be their rebellion And these gentlemen will have to ask themselves the problem, also because when you get so many votes, as they have, they can’t think that only the rich have voted for them. So when you go against the interests of a large portion of your constituents, you pay the consequences. By throwing the ball into the stands, with slogans instead of solutions, you end up like Salvini“.

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Travaglio concludes: “Salvini won the 2019 European elections with 34%. when i fall Conte Uno governmentAnd Small loaves I tested it above 40%. How long did it take to lose this huge heritage won by regalia, like the one in closed ports, which was not true then? But how feasible is throwing the ball into the stands? Works within a few months. Indeed, today Salvini is less than 10%. there watermelon – He comments – He had the image of the concrete, as Salvini was a bit of a Casaro who shot them big. But concreteness at a certain point is manifested in measures. In the end, then, when we have cleared away all the dust that has been scattered in these first months, what is left? nothing. There is nothing if you don’t shoot. It is true that a little time has passed, which is why they lost a few points, but they still maintain a solid majority. But then we’ll have to see something.”


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