France, thousands demonstrate in the streets against the far-right to which Le Pen belongs

The marches in Paris, which started from the Republic and reached the Place de la Nation, passing through the Bastille prison, were very colorful, especially in red, with many Palestinian flags and representatives of parties, unions and associations, two weeks after voting for the first time. The round of legislation expected for all, the certainty that France is “going through a decisive moment for democracy,” said trade unionist Mariellise Lyon, secretary of the CFDT. At the Paris march, many left-wing leaders were on the front row, from environmentalist Yannick Jadot to socialist Olivier Faure. Even more protesters recognized them and tried to approach them by shouting: “Don’t betray us.” Echoes of the new cracks in the Popular Front reached all the demonstrators, and Mélenchon's accusations of “settling scores” or “purging” against those who expressed opposition to the line chosen by the party leaders were the subject of greater debate. The leader appealed and then responded to the accusations by saying briefly that “there are no candidates for life,” but rather “political cohesion and loyalty in the party’s first parliamentary group.” clumsy As for the possibility – which many allies fear – that he would be a candidate for the position of prime minister if the Front wins, he explained the controversial leftist platform. He does not consider it one of his ambitions: “For me, this is not an existential issue. I am not here to build a career.”


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