Towards new measures from Monday

In Slovenia, nearly 4,000 (3,829) tampons tested positive in the last 24 hours. Five dead. In the face of these numbers and the escalation of the fifth wave, the government is studying the measures that are supposed to enter into force on January 10. This was reported by

At the suggestion of epidemiologists, the quarantine period for people who come into contact with positive will be reduced from 10 to seven days. There is no standby obligation at the end of the term. Quarantine will not apply to those who have received a booster dose, while procedures for isolating people with Covid remain unchanged. The government has not yet discussed the possibility of introducing an exception to isolate those recovering or people who have had two doses of the vaccine in contact with a positive patient. There has been no talk yet of vaccination commitment.

At the school level, despite the increase in the number of new cases discovered in the past few days, the lessons will continue to exist, while some rules associated with nursing homes will be tightened, as the virus spreads despite the high incidence of the disease. vaccinated users.
According to the estimates of Health Minister Janez Poklukar, with the current regulations in place, in the next few days, one in four citizens will be in quarantine.

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