L'ancien président américain Donald Trump.

Two New York attorneys, particularly those responsible for the key criminal investigation into the Donald Trump affair, resigned on Wednesday, February 23, which was described by several US media outlets as weakening the file. According to New York TimesTwo attorneys, Gary Dunnie and Mark Pomorants, “The new Manhattan District Attorney, Alvin Brock, resigned after he expressed doubts about the possibility of prosecuting Mr Trump.”. “This investigation is ongoing”The Prague attorney’s office responded to a brief message from the AFP, refusing to comment further. “We thank them for their commitment.”He added to the address of two lawyers.

The criminal case is particularly suspicious of fraudulent valuations of assets within the Trump system – including golf clubs, luxury hotels and other real estate assets – on the one hand, to obtain more lucrative loans from banks and, on the other, to lower their taxes. . If it relates to the same facts, the investigation is different from the civil file led by New York State Attorney General Letidia James, in which the latter asked the former president and both of them in vain. Children, Donald Jr. and Ivanka, to testify under oath.

The criminal investigation had already led to tax evasion last July against the Trump organization and its historic finance director, Alan Weiselberg, especially the income and benefits of this close friend of the former US president. The panel of Donald Trump and Alan Weiselberg have pleaded not guilty and the trial is expected in 2022.

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At the same time, a large panel of arbitrators was convened on the issue of suspicion of fraudulent valuations of assets in order to decide on possible charges. Cyrus Vance, a former lawyer who pioneered Alvin Brock, fought for months to win his case in the Supreme Court for tax notices on the former president of New York, the first U.S. president since the 1970s. Should have published them.

The resignations of two lawyers have come as a New York state Supreme Court judge last week ordered 75-year-old Donald Trump and his two children to testify in a civil trial led by Letidia James. The latter was announced to be brought together in January “Significant evidence that Donald Trump and the Trump administration misrepresented many assets”.

The former president has raised doubts about his intention to run again in his party’s candidacy in the 2024 presidential election.


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