Betty Diamond borrowed a children’s book from the New York Library when she was 10 years old. The 74-year-old was sent back to the establishment, which is located in the American Queens district.

This story, invented Western France, Said by New York Times. In the spring of 1957, A 10-year-old girl interested in literature, went to the library next door to borrow a book Ol milk Written by Glenn Rounds. A story about the adventures of a giant Lumberjack, a legendary character in American folklore. After reading, Betty Diamond pushed it, but forgot to return it. The American, who realized this a few years later, New York Times : “I was ashamed to send a book back to the library late”. Betty Diamond decided to put it this way.

Years passed, Betty became a professor of literature at a university, and in her library, was the book Glenn Rounds. The book followed him, even to Madison, where she now lives. Nearly 23,000 days later, the American decided to “make corrections” in his words, and Finally return the book to the library by mail with a $ 500 donation (418 euros) to cover the cost of the fines.

Betty is not the only one who forgot to return the book to the community. An American from the city of Kewani, USA $ 345 fine (288 euros) 47 years late, report New York Times. The largest fine listed in the Guinness Book of World Records.

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