Celebrating the 27th anniversary of the first competition model

27 years after the first racing model, here comes the new BB52 from Boston Boatworks. The shipyard has unveiled a new high-performance yacht that celebrates all the elegance and functionality of a shipyard known for creating semi-custom boats of uncompromising quality.

Image via Boston Boatworks

During these 27 years of activity, he Boston Boatworks Shipyard specialize in it Build custom sailboats Fluctuating measurements between 29 and 62 ft. These were also used as Racing boatscomplete with tender for shipments and coast guard certificates.

after Almost three decades But the It’s time to enter a new phase And the yard is ready to make it through The new BB52, the recently introduced practical yacht. Starting with the need to Satisfy ship owners and passengers Then we come to the finale of The Perfect Boat, The Boat That It responds to high quality, performance and functionality requirements associated with high-end luxury.

So BB52 is a Answer all questions which have been put into construction site in recent years. a Bold and unique model Which turns “what if” into reality. For construction chose a shipyard High level cooperationas it’s known Designer Doug Zorn and interior design studio Winch design.

Boston Butworks BB52: Redefining Expectations

BB52 from Boston Boatsworks: Celebrating 27 years since the first racing model
Image via Boston Boatworks

The BB52 represents everything a boat can be if you think luxury Construction down to the last detailin high performance jobs in the open sea. In this sense it is Much more than a yachtIt’s a real way of life.

Building the same as mirroring How to be on the construction site But most of all, Ship owners who have relied on them over the years. When creating the yacht, the shipyard was not based on a beauty project, but rather on a foundation Specific questions need a concrete answer. In cooperation with Doug Zornwhich has now been consolidated for 24 years, was fundamental in that sense.

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In fact, the marine engineer, again, created A Head spinning project, with gentle waves and at the same time they decided to open the doors of adventure. The same concept has been reported in internal configurationto make In collaboration with Winch Design and available at Three different configurations To really please everyone.

the Master planning Here is the contemporary, Suitable for customizations who continue Leave the space airy, light And perfectly aligned with the Boston Boatsworks shipyard’s values ​​of comfort, ruggedness and durability, in order to convey the philosophy behind the project.

The perfect mix of functionality

BB52 from Boston Boatsworks: Celebrating 27 years since the first racing model
Image via Boston Boatworks

Elegance and refinement from the body They are certainly not a hindrance to speed and its dynamism. The shipyard has actually thought of those who like this kind of look, and in the build, thought very carefully about maintaining it.

So here the new BB52 reaches a Speed ​​of 40 knots, equivalent to 72 km / hThanks to the propulsion of the Volvo D6 engines. also Water tanks They reach one greater capacity To ensure convenience on the go.


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