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In Europe, Austria adopted the vaccination obligation; Greece and the Czech Republic have only been expecting it for more than 60 years, and Germany is on standby. In the rest of the world, the law applies in only five countries

with the ‘ Vaccination commitment for over 50sItaly joins a small league of countries that have adopted this measure. countries ranging From Europe to South America to the remote atolls of the Pacific Ocean. On the other hand, the number of governments that have adopted this measure for certain categories of workers, such as health care workers, is wider.

In Europe the road has been opened beforeAustriaVienna has long announced that from February it will make the vaccine mandatory for all people over the age of 14, with fines of up to €3,600 (every three months) imposed on evaders.

Instead, hurry up the times Greece, while connecting a smaller audience of the population. In fact, the commitment will actually start on January 16th, but it will only concern people over the age of 60. A €100 fine is only for tax evaders, and the revenue will go directly to fund public health.

In March too Czech RepublicBy law, they will all have to be vaccinated more than 60. In Russia, the obligation concerns only residents a Saint Petersburg But only if the elderly and suffering from chronic diseases.

I’m out of Europe 5 in all governments that have introduced a vaccination obligation. The most striking case isIndonesia that it projected for all its 273 million inhabitants. From big to small, the same procedure is adopted by the government Micronesia (Only 115,000 inhabitants). The band also includes Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Ecuador Where the vaccine relates to over 18s. Malaysia, on the other hand, only provides it to those over 60 years old.

twenty one countries (mainly concentrated in Europe) have embraced the vaccination obligation for civil servants – not just hospitals. Then there are special cases: China, for example, requires that for construction workers, andAustralia for the mining sector.

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