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From Stefano Montefiore

The second round of legislation: the President of the Republic hopes by an absolute majority, competing in coexistence

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Paris – Lixutan vs LSD. Today in France we are voting for the second round of legislative elections that should appoint 577 deputies, and a good summary of the situation has been done. Richard Ferrand, Macron President of the current National Assembly: We campaigned for Lexotan, put voters to sleep under LSD. Le Roux symbolizes the Nupes, the new popular environmental and social union led by far-left leader Jean-Luc Melenchon, which hopes for an outright majority – a prospect ruled out by all polling stations – and thus the prime minister’s seat.

Away from Mlenchon’s statements, the real question is whether the coalition supporting President Macron will succeed in obtaining An absolute majority as in 2017 or if it would have to settle for a relative majority insteadHe will then have to seek further support in Parliament.

According to Ferran, Nupes is under the influence of hallucinogens because Mlenchon really believes he can become prime minister without running for office in any constituency, and because the 25% he won in the first round last Sunday – which he considers an extraordinary progress – equals in The reality is what the individual components of the Left Alliance achieved in the previous elections five years ago.

Melenchon dreams of the coexistence of a president and prime minister of his political opponent that France already knew in the past (Mitterrand / Chirac, Mitterrand / Balladur, Chirac / Jospin), and his proclamation of the New World, at the end of neoliberalism and brotherhood among citizens and radical environmental policy is also worth it Galic Chavez name Attributed to it by Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire.

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But Mlenchon has the indisputable advantage that he tried to return the meaning of the legislative elections that had been reduced in France, since 2002, to a lazy assertion of the presidential result.

In 2002, the term of office of the President of the Republic passed from seven to five years, and the legislative period was set a few weeks after the vote on the Elysee. The result is that Parliamentary voting in the past 20 years has increasingly represented the usual ratification of a president’s victory. If the French system is still classified as semi-presidential, in Facts become presidential drivenwhere the head of state is of great importance and the National Assembly – full of men who guarantee him unconditional support – very little.

It is no coincidence that advocates of felines campaigned for Lexotan: they tried to sleep, numbing the debate, trusting the stalemate that had occurred in the April presidential victory. And the record abstention in the first round – 53%, especially among young people – is also the result of this block of democracy.

Mlenchon tried to break the mold, and Macron, after a modest first-round performance, finally remembered the legislative rules. In front of the plane that was about to take him to Kyiv, The president asked for a strong majoritySunday should not be one vote missing for the Republic.

And herein lies the other problem of French politics: the president assumes the monopoly of the republic, as if Macronia coincided with the republic and all the others were enemies, says Melenchon for some reason. The Grand Center presents itself as the only legitimate force in opposition to the far right of Le Pen and the far left of Mlechon, according to Macron, it is irresponsible, unimaginable and unpresentable. The relative majority alone might be a humility bath for Macron, and it could restore a role for the National Assembly and democratic representation.

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