Jagged Alliance 3 has been announced with a trailer for the game

THQ North And HandyGames Launched in 2018 Rough Alliance: Wrath!, the publisher clearly appreciates the license and it was unveiled this week Jagged Alliance 3, this time from the development Himemont games (TropicoAnd Surviving from MarsAnd Victor Fran). A real third episode is already entitled to show the first trailer for Play :

Jagged Alliance 3 This time he will take us to big dogA country overflowing with natural resources but suffering from political tensions The president-elect disappears and corps, a paramilitary organization, controls the area. The president’s family is in contact with Adonis To hire mercenaries and find the official ruler to restore order in the country. Thus players will have a choice between many mercenaries with unique personalities to explore big dogFind money and expand your team before embarking on quests with choices that will have consequences for the future of the region.

the side PlayAnd Jagged Alliance 3 will continue to be a tactical game with turn-based combatPlayers will find a customizable arsenal, assets to unlock to improve mercenaries, a role-playing structure and an online co-op campaign. Jagged Alliance 3 is currently only expected on PC, the date is still unknown. you can find Rough Alliance: Wrath! to me 7.99 euros on Amazon.

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