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tears Joe Biden And adverbs of words about the attacks on the airport Acceptance They do not erase the fact that the President of the United States is completely devoid of his credibility and authority. a guest agora on Rai 3, Giuffredo Puccini He analyzed the situation well: “Biden who was seen last night is a humanitarian sympathizer as well, he is an old man who conveys a great sense of human vulnerability before he was political. However, I don’t want to be dramatic We are witnessing an incredibly early end to the presidencya”.

journalist from Corriere della Sera He talks about Biden as a “lame duck”, only to correct and define himself “lying or lying” in international forums. Puccini stressed that “this is a continuation of a crisis that begins with Obama’s mistakes in foreign policy and passes through the Doha agreements signed by Trump.” He then highlighted how severely the failure of the United States affected Europe, and called for deciding what it wanted to do when it grew up.

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“This is a huge call for political weapons – said the journalist at was running At this moment political Europe must sit at a table To allow a military Europe to exist. There are villains that must be fought with weapons, and we will remember the coming attack in the West. Europe must establish strategic autonomy and common defence: it means being in crisis areas rather than having an ally like the United States that will be less and less.”

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