VIDEO Beijing Express: A tasting event that disgusts candidates and amuses netizens

In a ring Beijing Express Aired April 13, 2021, on M 6, The two competing candidates had to eat the sheep’s testicles to start the eighth stage. As much as the event inspired netizens, it dampened competitors’ appetite.

Baklava, kebabs and pilaf, Turkish cuisine is full of delicious dishes with strong flavor. But at the start of the eighth stage, which was given to Vasilis, Stefan Rothenberg compiled a completely different list of four pairs of Beijing Express Still in competition. Candidates who barely recover from abandonment of Auror and Jonathan, Victims of a terrible traffic accident in the previous episode. If the party-loving brothers were able to take advantage of that split to get back into the game, Christophe and Claire have been the biggest beneficiaries of this unfortunate event since the couple from the North inherited their mascots. A moment of joy before switching to the tagine method M 6. Because before crossing a part of the Aegean in a paddle, adventurers He had to eat a special breakfast, Just to gain strength. They introduced themselves in front of them Fish eyes, 2 chili peppers and 1 boiled lamb. Suffice it to say that the local products that were purchased from the local market did not achieve great success.

“The word testicle echoes in my head.”

If contestants swallow their first two dishes without being too adept, the testicles of boiled sheep, better called “amourettes,” evoke cries of disgust, especially among Parisian bimbos Rose-Marie and Cinzia, in favor of him more in lingerie. My body reacts on its own and I want to vomit!Let’s start by facing the camera first, and carrying out his mission. On the other hand, his adventurous girlfriend took a long time to finish her plate. “I have the word testicle echoing in my head … I can’t eat the testicles (…) I can feel all the nerves inside and this disgusting tissue … it’s horrible! In fact, this is the worst thing I did in Beijing Express! I screamed, stunned, almost spitting everything out several times. Between disgust, pity, and ridicule, netizens have never failed to comment on this savoring sequence on the networks. Top chefs, On the same channel, it would have been better to pay attention.

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