The unmissable event for indie gamers is back! L’INDIE Live Expo 2021 It will be on November 6th in its fourth semi-annual show. You will have the opportunity to admire the ingenuity of the independent developers via a broadcast available on YoutubeAnd the TwitchAnd the Twitter.…however, you will be able to follow it in English, Japanese, or Chinese but not in French.

If you don’t know this event, it’s a real digital show! In total, more than 800 new games were announced during this lifetime. In addition, many awards are given to help developers. This was the case for the wonderful Hades which took home the ILE Grand Prix and Best Game Feeling award, but other titles were also revealed during these evenings. Actually Lonely Mountains: Cliffs, Helltaker, Craftopia, Five-Dimensional Chess Over Time MultiverseThey all received different awards.

It’s good to remember that not all games shown during this show will necessarily be on Xbox, but most of them will make it to the Microsoft Store. Some will even go so far as to get access to Xbox Game Pass! If indie games are a pleasure too, don’t miss the November 6 live stream.

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