Steam surface battery: performance, capacity and replacement

The battery in the Valve “Steam Deck” laptop is the same for all three variants. Here at GIGA you can see how long you can gamble on the go, all the other technical details and whether you can change the battery in case it runs out later.

How long does the battery last?

Depending on the complexity of the game and how much it requires hardware, battery endurance varies greatly. While you can play a 2D indie game for hours at a time, the graphics-rich Triple A title will drain your battery faster. The Official information from Valve the promise between 2 to 8 hours of playing time Under the pre-installed operating system. For Valve’s testing, various games were limited to 30 frames per second and played at 50 percent brightness and volume on the “Steam Deck.”

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Steam 2021: Big Platform Winners

First previews of Carrie Golomb (Faux) And the Nexus for gamers Valve estimate confirmation. While the battery in Control can be discharged after an hour and a half with the highest settings and unlimited frame rate, the Forza Horizon 5 game that requires optimal settings also runs for 3-4 hours on battery power. Golomb even managed to exceed eight hours with the standalone title “Dead Cells” and similar settings as in the Valve tests:

Technical details of the “Steam Deck” battery

The Steam Deck lithium-polymer battery consists of two cells arranged in an L-shape (see photo). With 40.04 watt-hours at 7.7 Volts (V), the battery provides a capacity of at least 5200 mA (mA).

Akku valve on the steam surface
Interior view of the ‘Steam Deck’, battery framed in red (Photo: Valve, Processing: GIGA)

Do you want to change the Steam Deck battery?

Valve recommends that its customers not open the Steam Deck and even states that it is easier to access an SSD “Not intended for exchange by end user” he is. If you open the device yourself, you always risk losing the warranty.

To make matters worse, the battery in the review devices very sticky I was. Even praise the repair page iFixit “Steam Deck” for its general restorative properties, but battery replacement in particular is needlessly complicated – iFixit even goes so far as to call it the “Achilles heel” of the “Steam Deck”. Here the question remains open about whether Valve accepts criticism and makes it easier to change the battery in subsequent hardware reviews.

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