Creative vision is not limited to the PS4 version

In the course of a recent interview, game director Mathijs de Jong detailed working on “Horizon: Disadvantaged West” and discussed development across generations, among other things.

According to de Jone, players who are skeptical of the decision to release the PlayStation 4 successor can sit back and relax. In practice, the cross-generation approach has not had a negative impact on the creative vision of the developers or on the game design of “Horizon: Disadvantaged West”. Rather, in principle, all the planned ideas can be implemented.

The player experience is at the heart of the effort

“I don’t think intergenerational development has been limited in any way. When we first started envisioning this game, we had a lot of great ideas that we ended up being picked up – so much so that we didn’t really think about the hardware limitations or anything of We just wanted to create a great and unique gaming experience for the players. A great adventure. In this way, we also collected all the missions and events that the player will experience,” explained de Jong.

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He went on, “I think the big deltas between these two units, apart from 3D audio, Fast Load and DualSense of course, is on the graphic side of things. On PlayStation 5 we can add more detail graphically. For example, we can see hair The little one on Aloy’s face. You can see so many details even from a distance.”

PS5 technical strengths must be used

Looking at the technical improvements awaiting the PS5, de Jong added: “I don’t suppose many people have noticed it in the demo, but you can see moss growing on the rocks. On PlayStation 5, each tuft of algae is presented separately. So this hardware is powerful It can add a lot of detail to the image. I think that’s one of the biggest deltas besides the computing power of the machine.”

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“We also use it for a specific lighting device. This is a cinematic lighting device that we can only use in movies. Since the PlayStation 5 is much more powerful, we turned it on all the time. During the game there is […] High quality display and lighting system. So there are all these extra features that make the game look even better,” concluded Guerrilla Games’ Game Director.

It is still unclear when “Horizon: Forbidden West” will be released. As recently confirmed, the successor is currently in حالي The final stage of development. This year’s edition is in stone but not yet.

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