Internet criticizes Princess Charlene's post-surgery appearance: 'Too much plastic'

Prince Albert, with their two children Jack and Gabriella, traveled to his wife in South Africa to help Charlene after the operation, which she had to undergo on August 13 under general anaesthesia. Her Majesty the Queen of Monaco posted family photos on Instagram on Wednesday where she can be seen with her husband and children. For her, this is the first time in several weeks that she can hug her children again. After all, Charlene has been stuck in South Africa for health reasons since March. Charlene is happy to see her family again. “I am so excited to have my family back with me,” she wrote when posting a series of photos together.

Charlene and Albert: A Fake Poet?

However, reactions to the family photos are mixed from their followers. While many Instagram users are talking about a “beautiful family” and wishing Charlene a speedy recovery, others have noted that the Princess and Albert do not look completely relaxed.

Albert in particular, despite his smile, looks tired. His forehead is wrinkled. In one of the photos, he has fixed himself on a tree trunk and is looking at the ground instead of the camera – while daughter Gabriella looks rather bleak. “You don’t look very happy,” notes one observer. “Imagine how worried Albert is about his wife’s health,” one fan commented with Albert’s worried look. One user speculates, “Maybe it’s lagging because of the long flights.” Another said, “There can be no big time difference between Monaco and South Africa.”


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