Video: “They put me in jail for pimp,” Tatiana Murillo responded to the criticism
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It’s been a few days since it was known that model Tatiana Murillo, known in the entertainment world for being the first “Colombian Barbie”, admitted that her 12-year-old daughter Sofia had undergone her first facelift, despite all the criticism he received due to his young age. who would have been subject to such interference.

“His dream came true.. He underwent surgery on Thursday, and it was a simple operation, which lasted an hour and a half in the operating room”explained about it.

In light of the wave of comments she has received on her social networks, the creator argued via a video on her official Instagram account that she did not pay attention to the kind of notes written by her haters, not without first thinking about what happened in the past when she was accused of getting rid of many of celebrities.

I once played the role you are now playing on your social networks and I didn’t understand why my life was miserable, why I don’t have money, because I wasn’t feeling well … And after a while I was with my friends and slandered half the world and did not understand why it was not so good for me, ”said the famous model.

She emphasized in her thinking that all the negative comments she receives from some followers affect them only strongly, because at some point in this situation she was attacking celebrities, but she managed to develop and find meaning for success by focusing on herself. . , without reading the negative notes they write about it, among other aspects.

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He added: “… I’m selfish, you see me and I’m first, I’m second, I’m third and Sophia has taught the same, I’m not interested in that kind of comment But as a tip if you want to take it I’ll tell you. We are not Catholics but we practice meditation and thanks to that I have everything.”

And about his daughter, he indicated that she is in very good health and recovering from rhinoplasty, and explained that he consulted with specialists about the feasibility of the intervention and all the time he obtained the approval of the surgeons, adding that he did not like the shape of his nose.

If they would call me childhood and adolescence, let them put me in jail for being a pimp, for I wanted the best for my daughter but not for the many things you do in the house but no one sees. … And I will share with you the profile left by my daughter, because I am not envious and will not tell you “Oh, wait for the results,” concluded Tatiana Murillo.

Here is the full content of Tatiana Murillo:

Colombian Barbie sent a strong message to her critics

It didn’t take long for feedback to surface because the entertainment portal “Rechismes” was responsible for copying content that had already exceeded 63,000 copies and more than 1,200 “likes” from users. Among the comments, some stood out in defense of the model’s decision to have her daughter’s surgery and other criticism of Morello’s reaction in the networks.

“They like to suffer for others”; “The complexity of a daughter with the same problems of insecurity”; “I want such a mother, who does rhinoplasty, resection of the two parts”; “A 12-year-old girl who has not yet grown up to have surgery rather than being expected to grow up”; Among other things.

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