Anne Sinclair: This is the blame that was leveled against her during the DSK relationship

On Wednesday, June 2, Anne Sinclair was invited to the group C à vous to mark the release of her memoirs. For the first time in ten years, she agreed to return to the DSK case and express how much it affected her personal life.

It was long surrounded by a wall in silence… In his notes, compound past, released on Wednesday, June 2, 2021, Anne Sinclair He agreed to discuss the DSK issue. guest on a group of c for you For the occasion, the former 7 sur 7 host revealed that she had long been criticized for staying by her husband at the time, Dominique Strauss-Kahn: “They blamed me on Babth as much as they could… I was criticized for staying, I was criticized for not speaking, and I was criticized for not speaking afterwards. I was reprimanded including the most likely things, which were not at all in my nature and in my knowledge of things, that is… I was criticized for not telling the truth, because I was participating in a life I didn’t know at all and it wasn’t my life at all. I left it all said.

Ten years into her ex-husband’s relationship, Anne Sinclair explained: “There she says this is the first time I’m speaking… Yes, but I don’t express myself to express myself. I decided to write a memoir and as I often say, imagine I didn’t talk about this, what are you all going to tell me here tonight? It’s been a chapter in my life, so it’s very natural for me to talk about it. And I wanted to do it as far as possible, and as modestly as possible, to try not to make judgments or tell facts about which I do nothing. I also didn’t want to share the opinions we were going to have between us because they didn’t matter to anyone, and so I just described how a woman feels at that moment, with funny elements as well. It’s not just the dramatic stuff!Explaining that she did not want to flinch in front of the media, Anne Sinclair revealed: “There are two types of situations when we are in a fight, we either go away or we stand up. Anyway, when you’re in the middle of a fight, you’re not really questioning the essence of the fight, you’re running, jumping over hurdles, jumping over obstacles and taking care of what happened. the past.

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Anne Sinclair: ‘It was an incredible story’

Anne Sinclair said looking back:Je n’avais pas de raison de ne pas croire ce que me disait mon ex-mari et donc j’ai fait front parce que c’était une histoire énorme, gigantesque, et j’ai parfaitement compris que la presse s’y intéresse So. I decried it in my case because I had the impression that I was being stalked but it was an incredible story (…) when there are 150,000 newspapers in the world saying, “Okay, I’ll think about it later.”“With the shock, she had a nervous spasm.”I put my nails in the palm of my hand. It was because it was a terrible story and it was a story that I discovered and ignored (…) It is true that it was an earthquake, a tsunami, an earthquake …‘, she added.

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