Football: German national team: Why standards are becoming more and more important

The national football team has a new set-piece coach. This is not yet effective against Liechtenstein.

What did you not expect tonight? Hansie Flick, Redeemer in German Football. Not much is missing, while Flick should have resolved the crisis in Afghanistan. But as it was, he was in his charge as national coach, which was enough work. The 2-0 win over Liechtenstein is disappointing – that is.

There were many expectations in the evening. The German team should shine, have big wins and have fun again. It should revolutionize the world of football. With Mats Buttercroft, a consistent situational expert completes the flickshe training team. Nothing was expected of him other than fantastic ideas with passive balls. Stable conditions play an important role in world football. Anyone who has difficulty playing can look for their chances in the corners or on the free kick. Joshua Kimmich died in the absence of Manuel Neuer and Thomas Mல்லller DFB-Elf As the captain led, the national team still had great potential.

The right technology is determined by an app

So it is good to have a budget. He uses modern technology to uncover the last secrets of a perfect corner ball. The shooting speed and rotation of the ball is determined by an application. It needs to develop the right technology. Sometimes lighter and with a higher cut. Times are hard and straight. What the situation requires. Or as technology suggests.

It would be nonsense if the implementation in an emergency did not work. The standard conditions of the German team are as dangerous as Seal Baby on Thursday evening. Corner balls flew too high or too short. Often there is no home player to score the ball. So Budget has a lot more to do. After a tough 2-0 on standard conditions, Ilke Kondokan said: “The title is more important than that.” It was different in Kimmich.

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