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(AOF) – AT&T Inc. And Alternative Private Equity Fund TPG have announced that they will sign a firm agreement to form a new company called DIRECTV. It owns and operates AT&T’s video operations in the United States, which includes DIRECTV, AT&T TV and U-text video services. The transaction includes a company value of $ 16.25 billion for the new company, whereas the operator bought DIRECTV for $ 67 billion in 2014, including loans. At the end of the transaction, AT&T will hold 70% of the common stock and TPG 30%.

Under the terms of the agreement, the new DIRECTV will be jointly run by a board of directors consisting of two representatives from AT&T and TPG, as well as a fifth place for CEO, who is expected to be Bill Morrow, CEO of the video division American AT&T.

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Free attack on multiple nodes

Has decided to offer 5G packages for free at the same price as 4G, while offering wider coverage of the territory. With 40% security on aggression prices and population, this reflects the strategy that was successful on 4G.

Still in the national market, Iliad (the parent company of free) now wants to beat the orange and SFR-dominated business segment. The team owns a cloud player called Scaleway, which allows it to position itself in this segment.

Internationally, Iliad continued its European expansion: after Italy and Ireland, Free’s parent company invested in Poland, thus establishing itself as the sixth European operator.

Ericsson revived with 5G

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A few years ago the Swedish team was in trouble. Nevertheless, he used the opportunity of 5G to firmly stabilize his positions. It is the only OEM to have won 5G deals in the US and China. Along with South Korea and Japan, these two countries were one of the first in the world to introduce 5G. The United States now has 1 million 5G subscribers, a figure that has surpassed 100 million in China.

With its “Focus” strategy, Ericsson has stopped diversifying to focus on devices with three-quarters of its turnover. However, this strategy is not without risks. While all telecom operators are equipped with 5G, its rivals Huawei and Nokia can rely on their full range of functions (standard networks, mobiles, cloud, smartphones).


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