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we are in United States of America, which, like Italy, has to deal with a major emergency, with the fires that have long ravaged California. But in this case there is no mention of the climatic tragedy and the devastation caused by the flames.

No, we’re talking about Joe Biden. From the video that will make a fun pinch Donald Trump, who used to call the President of the United States “Drowsy Joe”, in short, the sleeping person, very inattentive, not good at it. To some extent, the video in question appears to confirm Trump’s theories and claims.

On Zoom, a fire emergency conference is held with the President of the United States and state governors attending. At one point, an aide approached Biden and handed him a note. It is a pity that you read the text of the note: “Mr President, something on his chin“Yes, Joe Biden was dirty. So he read the note and, with a wave of his hand, wiped what was on the bottom of his face, which seemed to be a small lump of saliva. So he started talking again as if nothing had happened.”

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