Gaza, Netanyahu is not listening to Biden's call for a ceasefire:

“I am determined to go Forward with the processThese are the words that the Israeli Prime Minister said, Benjamin NetanyahuAnd after talks with the American president, Joe BidenHe was asked to work in order to reach a ceasefire with him Hamas. Instead, the prime minister decided to go ahead, though Gaza strip The rockets continue to rain Israel And the attack of the Jewish state has already provoked at least 227 Palestinians, Including 64 children, 38 women, and 17 elderly people. Finally, one Family of three He was the victim of the latest airstrike targeting their home in Medina Deir al-Balah, In the central region of the Gaza Strip. Even the Islamic movement that controls the Palestinian sector through its spokesperson Hazem QassemThey confirmed that they had found, from Tel Aviv, the closed road: “There are no specific dates for the start of the ceasefire because all international efforts, including Egyptian efforts, contradict the Israeli position rejecting any ceasefire initiative.” . Sources in Tel Aviv revealed that Israel does not intend to end military operations before Friday.

Therefore, the conversation between Biden and Netanyahu, or the Israeli prime minister’s meeting with 70 heads of mission and other diplomats present in the country, including United States of AmericaAnd the ChinaAnd the European UnionAnd the Russia And also ItalyTo study the de-escalation plan. The prime minister reiterated their address to them that “criticizing Israel for its activities is absurd. It harms others Democracies Fighting in similar conditions. It is a record of hypocrisy and folly. All of this does that Encouraging terroristsThen he added to “insistence on.” Go ahead with the processIn order to “restore calm and security to the Israeli citizens.” Tonight Heiko MasMinister of Foreign Affairs of the Arab Republic of Egypt GermanyThe country that has spoken the most in favor of “Israel’s right to defend itself” will fly to the country to attend diplomatic meetings in each of the Jerusalem it’s a Ramallah, The capital of Palestine.

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The Minister of Foreign Affairs also spoke in this regard, Luigi Di MaioWho stressed during a briefing in front of the chamber the need for a rapid de-escalation, a return to political dialogue, and a call on the two parties to cease hostilities. Referring to that for Italy Two states It is the only way forward, and then he asked the European Union to send its special envoy to the country: “We are convinced of the need for the European Union to take a clear and unified position and work to restore calm and enhance the prospects for returning to the negotiating table – he said – I have supported, to this end, the opportunity for the Union to developA proactive diplomatic initiative, Hoping to be European Union Special Representative The peace process in the Middle East, Sven CopmansIt is possible to travel to the region as soon as possible to establish direct contacts with the two parties. ” Farnesina Then he stressed the importance of having Palestinian elections, Scheduled for May 22 and postponedPalestinian National Authority: The Palestinian Authority’s postponement “pushed the Palestinian population to move in the squares and streets – and he added – we hope that as soon as conditions permit, a new electoral calendar will be determined and we will continue to support it.” The process creates all conditions for conducting the electoral consultations, including a East Jerusalem“.

Meanwhile, the “guard of the walls” operation continued last night – according to the Israeli military spokesman Heday Zilbermann – It hits 40 lens Hamas and Islamic Jihad, with another 12 kilometers destroyed, including weapons depots and command centers. At least 10 militiamen were killed. Attacks focused on Khan Younis e Rafah, In the south section Where most missiles are Israel. Zilberman He mentioned that later Hamas He tried to hit the aviation bases, “but failed.” During the night, the Palestinian organization fired rockets at the central and southern regions Israel Sirens were heard at some air force bases, such as coastal cities Ashdod e Ashkelon In the south and in the middle and even in the north Rehovot And the Palmachim. However, Zilbermann stated that the missiles did not cause damage.

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Afternoon caravan from Jordanian humanitarian aid Destined for the Jordanian hospital Gaza He was unable to enter the sector because Valico de Kerem Shalom Which had to pass by was a subject Palestinian mortar attack. For the same reason, Israeli tankers were preparing to transport fuel to Gaza with the help of the United Nations agency Unro, They were forced to leave. Yesterday, Palestinian gunmen launched a similar attack against Via ErezWhile other humanitarian aid was about to pass. As well Sirens Anti-missile missiles in northern Israel, in the area between Haifa And the LebanonWhile some witnesses spoke of explosions in the sky due to the missiles intercepted by the defense system Iron Dome. But the answer Tel Aviv Not long ago, an army spokesman said, “A number of targets were hit on Lebanese territory.”

Victims and rockets Ten days after the conflict, I 227 Palestinians killing, Including 64 children, 38 women, and 17 elderly people. the number of Wounded Meanwhile, the sector rose to 1,530. The total number of rockets fired so far Gaza to Israel The army said it had risen to 3,750 last night Tel Aviv. Israeli defense system Iron Dome It intercepted, on average, 90% of the missiles that were likely to detonate Inhabited centers.

The diplomatic front – The France He presented to the United Nations a resolution aimed at a cease-fire between them Israel e HamasIn coordination with Egypt and Jordan. The proposal reaches the Security Council, where the United States bans the declaration of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict for eight days. Chinese Ambassador to the United Nations, Zhang JunHe said he heard the suggestion and that, ” China Undoubtedly, it supports the efforts made to end the crisis, and French sources indicated that Egypt e Jordan “I am now at peace with Israel They are influential heroes in the holy places Jordan Come on Gaza For the Egyptians. ”The three governments agreed on three simple components: A ceasefire RocketsAnd cease-fire and UN Security Council resolution on this issue. Also the high actor Josep Borrell He stressed that the ceasefire is a priority of the European Union and the United States, he said News agency, President Joe Biden Administration officials chanted for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu And other senior Israeli officials to end their bombing Gaza.

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