Gambero Rosso's Guide, Best Wine (Region by Region): Coke's New Three Cups

Twenty-five thousand posters from 2,634 companies, sampled and reviewed. Italian wine photo taken by the guide Italy wine from red shrimp. Which for 35 years has enclosed and chronicled the country’s wine franchise in its pages. In fact, the glasses examined by editors and tasters are much more, about fifty thousand. But only wines that meet certain quality standards are included in the guide. The results, despite the epidemic, have been reassuring. An incentive for the entire wine scene to always raise the bar. The investment made by producers and brewers in quality is also increasingly recognized in terms of prices, which are not high enough compared to the complex production and promotion work that characterizes this sector – emphasized the President of Gambero Rosso Paulo Cocchia– The next step to increase the prestige of Italian wines made in Italy Sustainability Which, in addition to being a fundamental commitment to protecting the environment and workers, can also constitute a source of greater differentiation for excellent Italian producers compared to competitors and less experienced and sensitive countries. Twenty-five thousand stickers have been reported but only 476 have been awarded by i three cupsIn recognition of the excellence of the guide. In this article we tell you about 42 new entries in this special category. Here they are all divided by region.

Wine, arrangement and advice

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