Second place to Bayonne, pushed to Bourg-en-Bresse

Bayonne retained his 2nd place behind Mont-de-Marsan on Thursday at the end of the last day of Pro D2, replacing Bourg-en-Bresse Norfon with a second. Rowing won mostly at home against Rouen (53-13) and secured its 2nd place place over Oyonax, which lost to Aurillac (25-21). So those who come straight with Montoise in the semifinals are the Beyonce.

Borg-en-Press were unable to save his skin even after Rouen’s severe defeat by defeating Grenoble (42-17). In the play-offs, the Nevers retained their 4th place after a win over Montaban (30-6), ahead of Cargoson (5th), who beat the Beijers 16-14, and the Colomiers (6th), who defeated Agen 21. -16.

For the semifinals (May 29), he will face the winner of the play-off match between State Montoys, Never and Carcassonne (May 19), while Bayonne will face either Oyonax or Colomiers on May 20.

Note that a minute of applause was observed on all platforms to pay tribute to the Samoan third line of Montauban Kelly Mifuwa, who jumped from the bridge to Tarn and died at the age of 32 during an evening trip on Saturday night.

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