This is how the submarine exploded

Fourteen milliseconds. This is the time Titan It will take from the inside. new video It tracks all stages, broken down by time. The German film was made by Ronald Wagner, who holds a doctorate in engineering. with the program autocad, a computer-aided engineering drawing program, showing what happened to the submarine in the depths of the ocean. There is where five people lost their lives traveling to view the world’s most famous (and inaccessible) shipwreck: the Titanic.

Titan, expert (and friend) to OceanGate CEO: “Rush knew he was going to fall apart from the inside, everything on the plane creaked”


Dr. described. “The steps are in milliseconds,” Wagner wrote on the engineering website. The brain needs 13 milliseconds to process the information from your eyes. This means that you need 13ms to get an image. It takes 100 milliseconds to process pain, so riders shouldn’t feel anything.”

0 milliseconds: Titan’s carbon fiber hull begins to fall apart

Simulations show the submarine’s carbon fiber hull showing the first signs of damage and beginning to collapse inward.

2182 milliseconds: Hull collapses to half its radius

The central part of the cylinder collapses to about half its diameter, but the caisson is still intact.

3274 milliseconds: Anyone sitting in the center of Titan would have been crushed

At this point, the structure begins to crack. The cylinder was shattered and anyone sitting in the middle of the ship would be crushed.

4365 ms: Titan’s structure has completely collapsed

Simulations show that the central part of the submarine collapses, while the two ends, made of titanium, end up separated from the center and remain intact. It disproves the theory that extreme external pressure would have melted the hull in one piece. The report on states: “The separation of the hull and the flow of water combined with fragments of a composite material would have a horrible crushing effect on any animal tissue, even bone. None of it can be left untouched.”

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7.638 milliseconds: Titan’s carbon fiber hull is obliterated

Parts of the titanium ring and hull are pushed out. The report on reads that if there is “any hope of finding intactly preserved human remains with end caps, these simulations prove otherwise.”

13.495 milliseconds: debris splashes into the ocean

By the time the human brain may begin to process visual information, debris is strewn about what used to be the submarine. The entire carbon fiber structure was smashed into dozens and dozens of pieces of various sizes. The titanium shells remain intact, but are now closer together. Why? Maybe because of the pressure.


Within 14 milliseconds, Titan’s entire hull had gone from a completely intact state to a complete disintegration. According to, the analysis confirms that the carbon fiber structure has “crumbled into smithereens.” This would explain why, while larger pieces of debris were found, “no part of the carbon fiber structure was recovered.”

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