It has already deployed 65% of its ground forces.” Here's how many soldiers Putin can transfer now

The Russian forces They deal a major blow in the context of the military conflict against Ukraine. As the days go by, the losses among the ranks of Moscow are increasing, which now has to deal with a weaker and smaller unit than it was at the beginning of the military operation. This is what was mentioned in the last bulletin of theintelligence The British army, according to Russia, Russia participated in the conflict against Kyiv about 65% of its total ground combat force. We must add to this that it appears that about a quarter of the force has now been given.”inactive“.

A fourth Russian unit came out.

The daily report indicates that since the start of the special operation, more than 120 tactical battalions have been deployed, which is equivalent to about 65%. “of full strength Fight from EarthIn addition, more than a quarter of the units of the Russian army sent to Ukraine were returned.unfit to fight“It is therefore possible that some of these units are currently completely unable to continue the fight.

London does not explain exactly what it means by this term. However, he does not exclude that even the most advanced units of the army can be very exhausted. There are far from reassuring predictions about Russia’s future: it is estimated that “It will take years to Russia They managed to replenish these forcesSome of the country’s most elite units, including the Airborne Forces, will also be affected to a greater extent by the complications of this situation.

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According to Kyiv Army reports, at least 23,800 Russian soldiers have been killed in recent weeks. After 68 days of conflict, 194 . could have been dropped fighter jetIn addition to 155 helicopters and 271 drones. Ukrainian forces claim to have destroyed 1,048 Russian tanks, 459 artillery pieces and 2,519 armored personnel carriers. 84 He would have also gone out missiles Ships, 152 missile launchers, 8 ships, 1,824 vehicles, 80 anti-aircraft defense units and 38 units of special equipment.

Kherson worker

Expectations were from yesterday to Kherson The ruble must have entered circulation. The pro-Russian administration set up by the occupiers”impossible“The return of the city under the control of Kyiv. The question arises: why are the Russians particularly interested in this area? British military intelligence believes that permanent control of Kherson and its transport network can allow Moscow not only to increase its ability to support its advance towards the north and west, but also To improve the security of Russian control of the Crimea.

Thus, the city, which was the first city occupied by the Russians in Ukraine, plays a prominent role. The proof of this is the fact that there will be a real attempt.”Exercising a strong political and economic influence“In the long term. Recently, Oleg Kryuchkov, an information policy advisor in Crimea, revealed that the Kherson region will be separated from mobile communications and Internet: In this way the authorities “The inhabitants of the Kherson region were deprived of mobile communications and the Internet, and therefore defiantly abandoned these lands“.

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