The hesitant Luis Fernando Suarez allowed Costa Rica to defeat the United States
Luis Fernando Suarez, the Colombian coach who runs the Costa Rica national team

Costa Rica lost 1-2 to the United States after winning with a goal in the first minute Kesher Fuller A visit to the Knockout Round-Concacaf in Columbus, Ohio.

The match was problematic for those led by the Colombian coach Luis Fernando Suarez, who lost his most prominent character, Keylor Navas, in the second half due to physical problems.

The North Americans agreed to the effect of the annotation and found the key to return and sovereignty within ninety minutes afterwards SuarezImpose a defensive strategy to defend the early target Fuller.

The Colombian, who has an up and down relationship with the fans and the sports press in Costa Rica, tried to move the midfield 5 minutes from the end with an income. Christian BolanosAnd Alvaro Saborio And Kendall and Aston, but the ball was owned by the Americans, who combined physical strength, short touch and virtue.

artistic He took full responsibility for the Sealy disaster., winner on Sunday against Honduras and before the North American meet, With the ballot paper to enter the top of the table.

Total responsibility, that is, in this sense, you know that when you are trained you have to bear all the consequences of what is due, in this sense there is no problem, like your problem, the state of the results, the good and the bad.

With regard to losing the ball, one of the keys to ‘Selly’ to maintain the rhythm of the match, the Colombian replied that it was a problem.”lack of foundationOn the reaction of the North American team, which was marked by a game of strength, but in this match I combined touch with passing speed:

We didn’t know how to get the ball well, it seems to me that in that sense, the lack of foundation, the detailing of the game more, because we lost the ball so quickly was an important factor for them to control the game and we’re not. Many

Suarez acknowledgedlittle problems“The physics of some of the featured players from Costa Rica, but they didn’t delve into whether they were running the injuries for the next round of playoffs, scheduled for November.

Kesher Fuller scored in the 1st minute, but the Costa Rican team lost in Columbus to the United States.  (Emily Chen/Getty Images via AFP)
Kesher Fuller scored in the 1st minute, but the Costa Rican team lost in Columbus to the United States. (Emily Chen/Getty Images via AFP)

It is worth noting that the international departure Keylor Navas He put the touch of pain on the match, given the confidence the goal conveys in a team that has suffered losses in the past month:

Our problem is that we had some players with some problems, and it was necessary to look at their development, in the case of Keylor and Moya and even in the case of Oscar Duarte, because we had some situations with them, we had some doubts.

In this sense, he admitted that the team does not have enough variables to make substitutions that modify the presence of the national team on the field: “This was the situation that we had to deal with, More thinking that they can bear and not at a certain moment make changes to broadcast the team“.

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The next date is scheduled for November 12Costa Rica will visit Canada In Montreal, and will return to San Jose to play the return match Honduras The November 16.

victory United State It’s the eighth he’s faced against “La Sele” in 12 World Cup qualifiers, including the last four in a row they’ve played.

Goals: 1 minute, Kesher Fuller (Commercial Record); 1-1, minuto25, Sergino Dest (United States of America); 2-1, 66th minute: Lionel Moreira (Own goal).

Costa Rica has 6 points in 6 matches, and maintains fifth place in Qualifiers A Qatar 2022.

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