Are you sleeping late?  Then you may be smarter than others: study

Sleeping longer than others can be synonymous with intelligence. Here’s what a new study found.

If you consider yourself a heavy sleeper, know that you may be smarter than others. Although hectic daily life pushes more and more people to sleep less than six hours a day, proper rest has always been what we need to live well and healthy, but not only that.

Those who are sleepy are smarter (l’

A new study has actually focused on Differences at the brain level Which elapses between those who sleep less than six hours and those who sleep, as always suggested, for seven hours or more. If you fall into this second range, and in fact, like sleeping more, you’ll be happy to know You may be smarter than others.

Sleeping more makes your brain work better

If we talk about appropriate hours of sleep, we know very well that these hours should be no less than 7 for adults (and much more for children). In fact, sleep helps tissues heal and prompts the brain to recharge and function at its best. But it doesn’t end here! A new study published in Journal of Neuroscience Linking it precisely to hours of sleep, it actually discovered larger brain volumes in those who tend to sleep more compared to those who sleep less without suffering from it. Sleep studies have also suggested.

Those who are sleepy are smarter (l’

Cognitive performance also changes, and those who sleep less seem less lucid compared to those who allow themselves adequate hours of sleep during the night. In fact, sleep strengthens memory, brings greater emotional stability and has greater resistance. Then u is added to everythingMore positive The constructive and consequential ability to resolve any situation quickly. In short, if until now it was believed that sleep only protects the body from diseases such as diabetes, obesity or cardiovascular problems, today we know that things are not quite like that.

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Sleep eight or more hours per night It therefore improves physical and mental performance and increases brain volume, leading to improvements compared to those who sleep fewer hours and appear sleepy or slower during the day. So, from today, you will be able to sleep those extra hours with more clarity and with the awareness that you are doing good for your mind and your body as well.


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