ateme: confirm goals

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( – For 2021, an operating profit has been made orphan 1.1 million pounds, while the net income from continuing operations amounted to 1.8 million pounds.

EBITDA of €6.4 million, in line with forecasts published in January 2021 and above the cautious forecast for January 2022.

As of December 31, 2021, the net financial debt is €10.3 million compared to €3.7 million.

ATIM has only limited exposure to the current geopolitical situation in Russia and Ukraine.

The sales volume achieved in Russia and Belarus is limited to approximately 1 ME.

All financial targets, including 10-15% revenue growth and EBITDA in the 5-10 ME range for fiscal years 22 and 2013, were reaffirmed, along with the continued development of monthly recurring revenue, with 3 ME target by 2024.

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