What is happening in Argentina?  This is his new political crisis

“I’m neither with the government nor against it. I want to do things, walk the neighborhood. We want work, we want factories,” Gisela, a mother of three girls aged 11, 10 and 9, told AFP. demonstration. Years.

On September 22, Argentina will have to pay the IMF a capital maturity of $1,900 million and in another December the same amount.

Fernandez’s government is trying to reach an expanded facilities agreement to replace the one signed in 2018. International Monetary Fund spokesman, Jerry Rice, confirmed Thursday in Washington that “work continues with Argentine authorities to deepen technical discussions toward an IMF support program” .

A history of contradictions

In 2008, Alberto Fernandez, who had been Kirchner’s chief of staff for five years, resigned amid strong disagreements, and for a decade had been one of Cristina’s biggest critics.

Until 2019, the then-senator—whose image has been marked by the many accusations of corruption she still faces today—suggested that he be her presidential candidate as second in line, a move that was successful on the ballot.

In statements to the EFE, political analyst Patricio Justo considered this “institutional crisis, perhaps the worst since 2001”, to have the background of “original sin” which, in his opinion, means that a candidate for vice president chooses the presidential candidate, giving him their votes to rule on his behalf.

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