The modernization of small and medium-sized companies increases their productivity |  Small and medium-sized companies

Digitization can positively impact the productivity of SMEs. It is believed that small and medium businesses can increase their productivity by 20% thanks to the use of digital tools. This was revealed during the meeting “Digital Kit, Digitizing SMEs to Modernize the Spanish Productive Fabric” organized by Fundación Alianza Digital 2030. Managing Director Alberto Martinez confirmed that thanks to programs such as Digital Kit, small and medium-sized businesses have a unique opportunity to modernize and improve their productivity by up to 20%. To do this, we are helping them digitize with 100% support.”

As he recalls, in the first call for the digital suite, the focus was primarily on companies with fewer than 50 workers. So far, more than 100,000 companies have already registered to participate in this program, according to the data provided.

Specifically, the Digital Kit program seeks to help companies go digital. For this purpose, the program has received assistance amounting to 3000 million euros that will allow companies to access a series of digital tools to enhance their digitization in the short term.

according to employment

The companies benefiting from this support were divided according to the number of employees. Thus, companies with between 10 and 50 workers will receive a digital bonus of 12,000 euros. For its part, small businesses or small businesses, that is, those with 3 to 10 employees, will receive a digital bonus of 6000 euros. While small and micro businesses with 1 to 3 employees will be able to benefit from assistance of up to 2,000 euros.

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To access support, companies must first register with Acelera PYME and fill out a form with their data. Once they do that, they should take a digital maturity test to see the state of their business.

When the invitation for assistance they can apply for is posted, companies will have to complete the application and see if they meet the requirements for receiving the digital receipt.


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