Tina Ruland against Anouschka Renzi

When celebrities come to South Africa, their nerves are on the edge. But food and sleeping areas are not the only friction – there is a one-piece play between Anouschka Renzi and Tina Ruland.

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“I’m a star – get me out of here” is back: Friday evening, RTL Jungle Camp kicked off its 15th season for the first time in South Africa. It was promised at the beginning that it would be “sexy, wild, brutal” – it was put on the episode. There were first choices and first Zoff.

Before going to camp, eleven more or less key participants, As you can see in our photo gallery, Face a challenge. Some have to level the balls at a height of 40 meters and jump into space after a star, while others have to descend down a cliff in one of the largest valleys in the world. Some of them were already on the edge.

“How do you ask first?”

This was also known when we arrived at the camp. If everything went smoothly when the celebrities first met, the mood in the jungle suddenly changed. After all, the distribution of sleeping areas was disgusting because instead of waiting for everyone, the first five people occupied the best beds.

Harold Glockler even set aside a bed for his old friend Anoshka Renzi. Jasmine Heron didn’t like it at all. “How do you first ask if someone has a problem?” Willie Herron’s widow complained, apparently upset. Quitting smoking also bothered her because she had five entitlements a day, which she immediately demanded in the counseling room.

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Jasmine Herron: She felt bad when the beds were allocated in the camp. (Source: RTL / Stephen Menne)

Others, on the other hand, could not cope with the deficient food rations. Former “bachelor” candidate Linda Knobt regrets that vegetarians did not give up their tofu. And when Anouschka Renzi put one of the seven numbered lychees in her mouth, Tina Ruland pointed to her to please share. The actress does not understand. “Too little of it, how do I share it?” She was immediately hurt.

“Like Miss Rottenmeier”

“If I do not sleep, if I do not eat, my mood … krrrr” he declared in advance. Tina Rowland felt this in her own body shortly after colliding again with her fellow actress. Anouschka Renzi accidentally used the towel of the “Manta, Manta” star. “It’s nothing personal, but it’s absolutely bad when someone uses my towel. Now I have to wash my own, and then today I do not have a dry towel,” Tina said sadly.

“I only washed my face with it. Not around the bottom, not under my hands – just moisturize my face a little,” Anashka replied incomprehensibly. However, Tina insisted: “I find it unhealthy.” On the jungle phone, her opponent let out a sigh of relief and slandered: “She has a very teaching nature like Miss Rottenmeier!”

Anouschka Renzi expresses her anger.  (Source: RTL / Stephen Menne)Anouschka Renzi expresses her anger. (Source: RTL / Stephen Menne)

“I don’t want to stand here as a bully for Tina, but I was not raised to be a good goat,” Anushka said angrily. Even after a few hours, Joff was not finished with her. Along with Harold Clockler, she teased her roommate in the sink and teased her reaction.

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But Anoshka Renzi does not seem to have done him any favors because he got the receipt at the end of the first episode. The audience chose the actress for the next forest experiment.


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