Il tempo previsto per i prossimi giorni

Weather: Coming days with historic Novembrata, but some rain, according to the latest updates

Weather forecast for the next few daysIn Italy we are about to experience the historical Noviembrata. Yes, because after three exceptional times (usually no more than once), even in late November we will have to deal with a period of non-seasonal heat, perhaps not with the thermal peaks reached in the anomalous phases of October, but still exceptional : Practically speaking, there has never been a weather event of this magnitude in November. The possibility of Novembrata, in fact, we had already announced a few weeks ago and confirmations have arrived in recent days.
Be careful though Latest updatesalthough not distorting the overall composition, they slightly modified the forecast: that is, Novembrata yes, but not completely dry, There will be some rain in the next few days!

But let’s go in order. The pressure on the Mediterranean basin is increasing again and this will lead to a significant stabilization of the weather, as well as temperatures that will begin to rise again towards values ​​far from our climatic parameters.
Under observation, from the thermal point of view, it will be above all Souththe two main islandsbut also some features of centerIn these sectors, the anticyclone will be mostly fueled by warm winds rising from the African continent which, combined with a fair amount of sunlight, will help lift the mercury plumes early Tuesday, to make them touch the top in the following days. Those are Wednesday and ThursdayIn fact, The days of the week will be the mildestbut we can safely say more hotas the context will be almost from the end of summer, especially in Sardinia And the Sicilywhere you can respectively access to 27 Which 26 degrees.

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We mentioned the possibility of some rain in the middle of this abnormal month. Well, according to the latest updates, there will be a corner in our country where the climate will not only be less hot, but also precipitation is expected. We point to the north where the humid and unstable North Atlantic air will start to increase cloud cover already during Tuesday, particularly in most of the western sectors: and attention, Some phenomena can already reach Liguria.
Then, between Wednesday 9 and especially Thursday 10one will pass weak disturbancehowever, are able to report more locally regulated and moderate rainfall, first in the northern regions (from west to east), and then also in part of the center.
The map we suggest below indicates a day Thursday 10 November: We can easily see the distribution of the expected 24-hour precipitation: in blue are the areas where the amounts can fluctuate between 15 and 40 mm, while the fuchsias highlight those that can reach between 40 and 70 mm (look far east Friuli-Venezia Giulia region.The distribution and forecast of cumulative rainfall for Thursday, November 9, 2022The distribution and forecast of cumulative rainfall for Thursday, November 9, 2022

It will also be a turbulent highway: since then Friday 11In fact, High pressure will return to envelop our whole country, even if, for weekendThere are some threats on the horizon.
But we will give you more details about this in our next updates.


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