Bezos sued NASA over its deal with SpaceX

Bezos and his space agency did not want to abandon NASA’s decision, so he decided to sue the marketing and advertising experts before other data could be released before Tuesday.

Bezos Vs NASA: Round 2

Despite all their efforts, Jeff Bezos and his space agency, Blue lookThey failed to create a space within the plan for the lunar lander, so the company decided to sue NASA for the $ 2.9 billion contract Elon Musk awarded to SpaceX.

Blue Origin said there were “fundamental issues” with the deal, which was unfair. Last Friday he pointed out that he believes two suppliers are needed to build the landing system, which will carry astronauts to the surface of the moon starting in 2024.

However, it is important to note that NASA has the support of a federal watchdog, so the chances of winning this case are inaccurate.

Netflix drops competition

Netflix, the streaming leader in Mexico, seems to have forgotten competition for audiences as part of a new strategy. Platform’s new initiative: ‘Let’s look at Mexico’, Invites consumers to view some of the biggest competitors, such as Amazon Prime Video and Film TV, listing images available on these other sites.

This result was also celebrated by the users Amazon Prime Video responds to Netflix call, A lesson on the importance of regionalization content.

‘Starling’: The name of the controversy

Starling is the name of Elon Musk and SpaceX’s new Internet and service proposal, however, the name already has another owner, Star Group, a Mexican telecommunications company.

The two companies have been in legal dispute over the brand name for almost three years, however, SpaceX uses the same services that Star Group provides to sell in Mexico. The million dollar question is, who will win?

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Walmart and cryptocurrencies

The fashion of cryptocurrencies will not stop because now it seems that Walmart wants to follow these guidelines. In recent days a new vacancy has been published on its website where it is assumed that the brand is looking for an expert with the ability to create a digital currency road map, which may indicate that the brand is looking for ways to allow customers to pay for products with cryptocurrencies.

While nothing is clear yet, there is potential and the retailer could become the next big player in the crypto arena.

Transylvania straight to your screen

The latest episode of the new Hotel Transylvania movie will not appear in theaters, at least as Variety points out, with Sony Pictures’ animation “reaching a deal” with Amazon Prime Video for millions of dollars.

The reason? Sony fears that the variant of the Covit-19, Delta, will destroy its premiere in theaters, so we need to make sure the film is profitable once and for all. Importantly, this figure is too high for an animated children’s film, but the success of its three predecessors may be an impetus to pick up the Amazon deal.


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