Convicted woman in Switzerland –

A penny for the museum, a penny for me. Another penny for the museum, another penny for me. This went on for years Teller manager at a major Swiss art gallerythe Bellaire Foundation From Riehen, who He stole a total of 986,126 francsJust over a million euros.

an amount she now has to pay in full, plus a fine of 3,150 francs, after she has been sentenced. Three years and seven months in prison for embezzlement and money laundering. It remains to be seen if the Foundation will be able to recover something, because in the meantime he is fifty-four years old. Spend plenty of loot on luxury travel, luxury clothes, and sports cars.

All the comforts she was able to afford thanks to the “scheme” developed right after her appointment as cashier in 2009. She continued to exploit it over the next 10 years, especially after her 2012 promotion to cashier manager. museum. In some cases, he sold visitors paper “emergency tickets”, which the gallery made available in case the computer system failed, and kept the cash for himself. In other countries, with Excuse the printer problems, simulate a double sale of the entry voucher (which costs €26) and then kept the difference for himself.

But it was his most impudent trick that made her discover. That is, to sign the annulment of some receipts in the name of his subordinates, and then resell the same ticket to put the money in the pocket. Only one office staff member finally reported it after finding out forged signatures, including your. So in 2019 a woman was fired and reported for stealing the equivalent of 40,000 entries. A spokesperson for the establishment, which had 365,000 visitors last year, said the fact that the disbursed amount was less than 1 percent of total revenue helped it get through this long.

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The prosecution had an easy game, given the amount of evidence. Not just certificates and handwriting expertise: printers and computers have resumed working perfectly after the cashier left; Her bank deposits always happened on the days she was in the office; One of her messages appeared to the person who reported her: “Be careful what you say.”

Then I went down to it, showing no sign of remorse. on the contrary, He said before the three judges: “I worked with all this money.”, but without being able to prove how he obtained them (a refusal to provide explanations could be considered incriminating evidence under Swiss law). The jury wrote in the verdict that it “would most likely have continued if it had not been discovered.”

Therefore, the better the Public Defender assigned to it did not do so. To spare his client the charge of money laundering, the lawyer cited a definition of that crime taken from evidence of the US Customs Agency. The judge pointed out to him that the Swiss Penal Code was in force in Switzerland. The result: the woman was found guilty on all counts and sentenced to one higher penalty than required by the public prosecutor.


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