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A new gaffe on the part of Joe Biden, who confused Emmanuel Macron with François Mitterrand, the former French president who died in 1996. This gaffe, which was aimed at increasing fears and disagreements, occurred due to the advanced age of the 81-year-old president. During a rally held by the president last Sunday in Las Vegas, but the American media has only now highlighted it. Biden said at the rally that at his first G7 summit after his election in 2020, he told the leaders that America is back, “America is back,” after years of difficult tensions with Donald Trump. “And Mitterrand looks at me from Germany, I mean from France, and says: Tell me what, why and how long have you returned,” then he added while confusing the names of the two French presidents and making a mistake and then correcting himself between France and Germany.

Wrong, but then he continues, and it is not actually clear whether he is still referring to Macron confusing him with Mitterrand or to the German Chancellor: “I looked at him and said, ‘German Chancellor, what are you saying, Mr. President?’” If you read in the London Times that thousands of people stormed the House of Commons, broke down the doors, and killed two policemen to prevent the election of the Prime Minister, what would you say?'' We must remember that the G7 summit held in the United Kingdom was the last in which German Chancellor Angela Merkel participated.

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Biden's gaffe comes after Trump, his likely opponent in November, in recent weeks, in a speech, mixed former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi with Nikki Haley, the former United Nations ambassador and the only one to leave his opponent in the primaries. The 52-year-old Republican candidate has made the issue of the advanced age of the main candidates one of her strengths, and over the past few days she has released an ad entitled “What Do Two Angry Old Men Say?” Which edited all the embarrassing moments and gaffes committed by the two major American politicians.

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