“My father is a kind and generous soul. Banning phones? He wants people to enjoy the moment »- Corriere.it

There will be a need to understand the documentary What does it mean to be the son of bob dylan, The lights and shadows of the existence of a legend father. About Jesse Dylan, 57 years old The first of four children the Nobel Prize-winning singer-songwriter had with his first wife, Sarah Lowndes., the task more than anything else is “to protect such a great artist” and to be “just a son”. In his career as a director, Then Jesse Dylan turned his gaze to another influential figure full of mystery: the story of Giorgio Soros, Hungarian businessman and philanthropist, naturalized American, hero of Soros Tells Soros, arriving tomorrow at 21.15 exclusively on Sky Documentaries, available on demand and streaming on Now.

How interested were you in the birth of Soros?

He’s a fascinating character and I started delving into his story four or five years before the documentary was made. His idea of ​​an open society is very complex, and it takes some time to get into it, and it seemed to me worth trying to understand what he thinks about the world.”

Some adore Soros, others blame him for evil. Why is it so controversial?

“I think it’s partly because, at least here in America, we’re uncomfortable with the very rich trying to use their money to influence politics. He’s also from Hungary, he’s a bit obscure, he doesn’t do many interviews, and it’s like a lot of People are misled into focusing their hatred on him.

What do you think?

– I think he’s a really cool person. I admire the fact that he doesn’t want to impose his ideas, but rather listens to people and tries to put them in a position to do whatever they want to do. I also think that when it comes to philanthropy, there’s an obsession with measurement: that’s fine if Bill Gates tries to stamp out a virus, you can count how many people get sick, but when it comes to art and freedom of expression, like what George does, his contribution can’t be measured, and with That is very important.

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What do you want to get out of your job?

â??????????????????????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????????????????????? ? I felt it was especially important given how extreme the hatred towards him has become lately and how strongly the polarization has been.

When did you first get interested in directing?

 «It’s what I’ve wanted to do since I was a kid, so after college I made music videos, commercials, movies, and then finally I got to documentaries because it’s a fun way to look at things and generally because I love talking to people.”

Can you make a documentary about your father?

– I think Martin Scorsese thought about it well, even twice. I think these are the best defining phrases about my father.

The prospect of having a baby would be something completely different…

“That’s right, but the son’s role is also to protect his father. Then I think he doesn’t need my help, he knows how to express himself well.”

He recently passed through Italy, and we caught a glimpse of him on stage in the semi-darkness.

 «It’s a bit like setlists (laughs), there’s a lot of ambiguity about what songs he wants to play, but what I do is just sit back and enjoy the party. He is a great artist and still is. People may want to hear certain songs, but he does whatever he wants. Banning phones because I think you want people in the moment to be together. Our way of dealing with artists has changed today, but there are still some of them who make great art and can provide great inspiration.”

– of course no. My father is a kind and generous person, a sensitive soul, and it is my duty to him simply to be his son. The important thing is that there are artists like him or Tom Waits that I’ve worked with and we don’t have to understand everything about them. They don’t have to explain to you why they want to do certain things and you just have to listen.

Should their secret be accepted then?

Yes, and especially in times like these, it’s important to protect artists like them. Trying to understand everything about everyone is a relatively recent habit, but it’s not always necessary. Instead, it’s important that there are still great artists like Neil Young or like my dad who make music Brilliant and nothing else. It’s like looking at Picasso: you change with time, but the painting never changes, that’s the beauty of art.”


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