Harris in the Storm: laughs after being asked about Ukrainian refugees

Kamala Harris He’s certainly not new to slips at completely inappropriate moments. It happened on Thursday, during Press Conference Polish Joint President Andrzej Duda WARSAW, Poland: The Vice President of the United States couldn’t help but laugh at the question of whether America would welcome Ukrainian refugees. Harris looked at Polish President Andrzej Duda, perhaps thinking he would answer first, before bursting out laughing. “Is the United States willing to allocate certain provisions for Ukrainian refugees? ” asked Harris’ reporter, then turning to the Polish president: “As for President Duda, I wanted to know if he was thinking of asking the United States to accept refugeesThe video immortalizing the slip was met with a series of criticisms on social media, starting with a broadcaster Fox NewsSean Hannity, a former campaign aide to Donald Trump, George Papadopoulos. “He laughs awkwardly. after. Arguing about refugees is not laughterUSA Creative Director Benny Johnson noted the tipping point:She is the only one who will find it appropriate to laugh when it comes to the issue of Ukrainian refugees“.

Another fatal mistake by US Vice President Kamala Harris

Last August, a video that went viral on social media starring Kamala Harris sparked some dismay and embarrassment in the White House. The short clip shows the US Vice President, who bursts into incomprehensible laughter when a reporter asks her a question about the crisis in Afghanistan. As I mentioned DagosbyaAll this happened in Singapore, where Harris was on a diplomatic trip to meet Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong.

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The video sees Harris approach reporters with a smile already, possibly because something happened or she was told just a few seconds ago. But the US vice president, rather than waiting a few minutes before introducing herself to the press, came up with an approach that had little to do with what was happening, when the journalist turned to her for comment on Afghanistan. Can’t help herself. “wait wait, [risata] slow downThe Vice President of the United States shouted in front of skeptical and stunned reporters.

What does America think of Kamala?

As mentioned last September in from the inside Andrea Morator, when Joe Biden won the US presidential election in November 2020, the media around the world focused with great attention on the character of Kamala Harris, the country’s first female vice president, who was crowned even before the start of the Obama-era second-man government as a possible successor to a politician Delaware who ascended to the White House. So far, however, the experience of the first female vice president can be called a true flop. As I mentioned before Los Angeles TimesAs of March 8, 40% of registered voters had a favorable opinion of Harris and 52% had a negative opinion. Since taking office, Harris has been tasked with one of the administration’s most thorny issues: stemming the flow of immigrants trying to cross the US border. Since then, the vice president’s approval ratings have begun to decline, with unfavorable opinions outpacing positive opinions in June.


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