Edwin Cardona always a shirt Colombia Choice situation. He maintains the illusion that he is being called again by Rinaldo Rueda, but while that’s happening, he’s a big fan of the “tricolor” and that’s why next Thursday’s stellar duel against Brazil is already excelling, at the start of the double date for the tournament. South American Qualifiers.

Midfielder Boca Juniors, the great protagonist in the last hours after he was in The center of discussion in all Argentine media Continuing with the “xeneize” box, he wanted to send a message to his teammates and leave a reflection of the match against those led by Tite.

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They always say we are at a disadvantage. What are they different from us? We don’t have anything. Let’s try to create Colombian football and the same press as well, that the players grow, that we sell the players, that they recognize us in the world, that they don’t recognize us for other things,” he said in an interview with Felipe Muñoz, who responded to Radio Minera.

even in, Cardona went further and spoke about Atletico Nacional and Juner, two teams he played for. He made them an example at the international level and also wanted to send a message to the media of our country so that, according to him, all football would benefit “coffee”.

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“You play against Nacional and now they respect you a little bit more, that’s why we won the Libertadores, because we are the biggest team in Colombia and they respect that. But the truth is that when Junior was going to play against Flamengo, I saw the Colombian journalists and what they said… Yes, he was a hero. , But what do they have? Do they have three legs, six hands, six heads or what? We are all equal. They are Brazilian, yes, but we are Colombian and we can defeat them,” he emphasized.

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Cardona was never called up to the Colombian national team again, which after his visit to Brazil will host Paraguay in Barranquilla (November 16), since the last Copa America, where he scored a goal and played a large part of the commitments.

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