Bill Phyllis Painting, Sacred Oath - Liberation


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The peloton is scanning the Haute-Saône pass on Friday for the fifth time in ten years. A climb punctuated by the work of tree sculptor Jack Besenim, one of those figures on the fringes of the race who also shapes its legends.

Scandal in Bill Phyllis painting. stolen bike. Not only: the bike atop the statue in honor of the Tour de France. message ? omen? Sculptor Jacques Bisnem believes that a “urchin” at work. And damned: what meaning would his work have without this bike on a four-meter-high oak girl? “That’s what makes the symbolism. The woman, she is good, beautiful, tall, but if there is no bike to explain the way and the tour…”

The Grande Boucle comes this Friday to breathe the fresh air of the Vosges Mountains, the seventh stage that begins in Tomblin and backfires on the super plank of the Belle Felice, which in ten years has become an emblematic pass. Inappropriate climb rates (between 20% and 24% in some places), a well-known local hero (Thibaut Pinot) and another lingering in the shade of fir trees (Jacques Pissenem). To recover its history, the Tour de France holds both riders and little hands. Jack Besnem, in that respect, is part of that part of the story, which is quite legendary.

outdoor exhibition

Its website describes it as: “gifted chainsaw”, “unique artist” and “exceptional showman” – Performed in honor of Jimi Hendrix, two chainsaws, silk top and sunglasses. The man of 5…


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