A prayer for Mary to say when we are sad

How many difficulties each of us has to face every day. Mary, our heavenly Mother, knows well the grief of our soul and gives us solace when we need it most.

We often feel lonely, almost abandoned, not knowing who to turn to. And we forget that you, from there, are always at our side, support us and always know what is right for us.

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Our Lady, don’t leave us alone

To look at her not only as the mother of Jesus, but as the mother of each of us. Mary did not leave us alone, especially in the hour of trial. He knows when our soul is hurt, and when we are in distress And when we need help.

She works to help Christians, especially support the sick. Look only when they recite the Holy Rosary: ​​in spite of their fatigue and suffering, they feel union with her as in a warm embrace, and feel the warmth of her heart permeating them.

Mary knows and knows all our fears and all our fears. We entrust to you what persecutes us. We also want to curl up in that mother’s bosom that soothes and calms our souls, often at the mercy of the waves, when we think everything around us is about to fall apart.

She shook hands with us and did not abandon us. With a heart full of faith and an open mind, let us call her this prayer.

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Prayer to Mary against grief

Mary, Mother of Christian Help, pray for us.

O Miraculous Virgin, grant to everyone who asks for your help on your feast day.

Help the sick, the tortured, and the sinners, all families and youth.

Maria does this in all the tests from life,

You are there in all circumstances to help those who desperately ask for your help.

Madonna the miracle today on the day dedicated to you,

So you can miraculously help all people

Those who go through certain moments of anxiety, fear and despair.

Mom, Holy Virgin

I entrust my heart to you

So that you shine with peace and love.

I entrust to you my fears and my pain

I entrust you with all the joys, dreams and hopes.

Stay with me, Mary,

To protect me from all evil

It is all affliction.

Stay with me, Mary,

So that I never lack this strength

Prayers for all families, for all young people and the sick.

Madonna the miracle gives me courage and humility

always forgive.

Madonna the Miracle, I entrust my soul to you

Until he became a better person than me.


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