Olympic Games 2021 - Triathlon: Three races and three chances for medals to end the French famine

The end of the famine? An Olympic discipline since the Sydney Games in 2000, triathlon has never been laughed at in France without medals in 5 Olympic races. We especially remember that the 2012 team shot of David House (4th), Laurent Vidal (5th), and Vincent Louis (11th) was unexpectedly fantastic, but we also remember the disappointing 7th place of the same Vincent Louis in 2016 in Rio. .

Five years later, the world champion Frenchman is on the verge of revenge and achieves full ambition in Tokyo. He is, above all, the leader of an armed French team to put an end to this shortage. Twice at a time. Or three.

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At 32, he has a position as the world-dominating world champion and knows he is expected to arrive in Tokyo on Monday, July 26 (French time departing at 11:30 pm on Sunday). After all, current doubles Olympic champion Alistair Brownlee of Britain is ineligible. “Being a world champion gives me peace and a sense of accomplishment. It’s important in the eyes of others, and it weighs.”, Trusted Vincent Louis Team After its title. Tripartite progress “Quiet”, “Without pressure”, “Delighted in his preparation“In Tokyo. But the big disadvantage: after some physical problems, the Frenchman competed only once this season, in Yokohama in May, in85% of its capacity“. Conclusion: Sixth place is far from the 4 wins he has won in 4 matches in 2020.

The important thing is to know if he can take charge of the race, as Alistair Brownlee did, not always in the most polite way. But paradoxically, his absence does not bode well for Vincent Louis, one of his successors. “, Analysis Nicholas Key, Triathlon Expert. He adds: “If he swims at full speed and tramples hard, he will be in better condition than the best racers. You have to keep the bike on fire and withstand the heat and humidity well.”.

The good news is, Blues has been training for months in these weather conditions. Then, the race had to be changed in favor of dual world champions Leo Berger and Dorian Koninks, and why not call himself on stage like Berger, the third of the last winning worlds … Vincent Lewis.

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As for the women, things will be a bit more complicated in Tuesday’s controversy for Cassandre Beaugrand and Leoni Periold (the race starts at 11:30 pm on Monday, French time). But the first signifies his real chance for a medal at the height of his 24 years. “She has come out of the big lap in swimming and if she can handle the bike well, anything is possible according to her position in running, Nicholas Key warns If she puts the bike with the best, she can make a big blow while running, but her opponents know it and will do everything to let her go ahead. “ In individual races, France can target at least one attraction, which will undoubtedly be added to the mixed relay on July 31 (French time 12:30 p.m.).

For good reason: Blues three world champions in discipline. The French team, which was taken to Tokyo, is specially designed for the relay, which includes Leoni Periold, Leo Berger, Cassandre Beaugrand, Dorian Koninx and Vincent Louis. “We are favorites, but we can be in fourth place. The team is very strong, can relay without Vincent, we don’t have a weak point, but the English, Australians, Americans …, Nicholas Kay analyzes: “If we do not win a medal in the mixed relay, it will be a terrible disappointment. Rather than a medal, the French relay will be targeting gold.”.

At the end of the day, in three races, the French triathlon could achieve a good harvest. The first harvest is expected in the men’s race from 11:30 pm on Sunday.

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