Quinté PMU - Prediction of the Great Obstacle on Easter April 17, 2022

Le verostic Canalturf.com

La Photo de Big Cool

Quinté+ on Sunday in ParisLongchamp with the first split handicap event, Level 1 (ref. Terrain declared as soft by France Galop. Binding at 19 metres. big call (Our photo) has an attractive profile at the event.

7 big call : Fifth in Quinté+ on February 16th in Cagnes-sur-Mer and second on March 29th in Saint-Cloud, this 5-year-old hoard proves to be a good recruit at major handicaps. At 36 of value, at a full distance into his own, he looks like he can win.

6 You are always welcome : 4th in Quinté + on February 1 in Cagnes-sur-Mer and 7th on March 29 in Saint-Cloud, not far behind big callfrom residents Louis Boudron He has what it takes to shine in the event. At the end of a good race, it wouldn’t be surprising to see him in the top three.

11 creative : This is a former resident of Jean-Pierre Goffin It is a very good finisher, sure in handicaps of this kind. He just proved his form by finishing fourth in a race under Class 3 conditions at Chantilly psf. With a good track, she has the means to fight for the top spots.

1 Olympia : 2nd place at Quinté+ on November 11th in Toulouse and winner of the February 1st title in Cagnes, at 2,500m, is now taken with a value of 41.5. Therefore its margin is less, but its quality is undoubted. This is from residents Jerome Rayner He is definitely able to surpass himself.

9 Mars field : He took second place on March 17th in Marseille Borelli, in a race under category 3 conditions for 2,600 metres, which is encouraging. In 36 of the value, for his return to disability, this other resident in Jerome Rayner He is a good underdog.

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10 theory : This 4-year-old raced just four times, after winning, on March 23 in a race under Class 3 conditions at Croisette-La Roche, three runners up. At 36 value for his first disability, it is advisable to be careful of this resident Henry Francois Devin.

14 Saint Nicholas : In psf, she placed 3rd at Quinté+ on February 16th in Cagnes and 6th on March 14th at Chantilly. For his return to the grass, at 34.5 of the value, this resident of Sebastian Collin Unable to take place.

4 big style : In his last eight rounds, this 6-year-old eunuch has never completed more than fourth. At 39 the value of his first attempt at a handicap, he’s a good blow to the insanity.

If it does not start : 16 morning strength

Choosing Nicolas Laboras

7 big call
6 you are always welcome
Opportunity rules
11 creative
1 Olympia
9 Mars field
the outside
10 theory
14 Saint Nicholas
4 elegant

Prognosis Summary:

7 – Big call

a blow to the heart
1 – Olympia

crazy moment
4 – Big style

Lu pronounce ZEturf.frLu pronounce ZEturf.fr

Big call, close to the goal!

Here we are approaching today’s big handicap, Speculative support Ze5 from Zeturf, It is aimed at older horses and will be contested on the 2,400m classic track.

big call He’s given us the promise since this winter, and after being beaten so hard at Saint-Cloud, pupil Christophe Ferland is once again promising to be a base!
Cagnes winner and thus punished, Olympia He still has a way to run first and will lead the opposition you are always welcome, To regain confidence in what he did best, but also in the newcomer elegantwho holds serious titles and has proven himself well recently, and Saint Nicholaswhich we no longer exist in such a society and which must be preserved.
dogowhose boundaries are poorly defined at the moment but finds herself penalized and severely cut short, can still do well in this generally not difficult group, coming into places with her paper cup who has done better than his ranking recently but needs time to move forward, and a breath of fireWe’re trying to give her one last chance.

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Choosing ZEturf.fr

number Cheval jockey
7 big call Gion M.
1 Olympia Somilon C.
6 you are always welcome Barzalona m.
4 elegant PESLIER O.
14 Saint Nicholas Madam A.
2 dogo Basker S.
8 paper cup Benoist J.
5 puffs of fire Thomas Ron.

press selection

Every day, Canalturf invites you to give advice Quinté Race +And List of the ten horses selected by the main newspapers of the horse press (Paris Turf, Tiercé Magazine, Bilto, France Turf, Last Turf, Le Progrès de Lyon, Ouest France, Paris Courses, Le Parisien, France Soir, Turf, Le Favori, Turf Matin, Ocean Press).

number Cheval jockey
1 Olympia Somilon C.
7 big call Gion M.
2 dogo Basker S.
4 elegant PESLIER O.
10 theory Lecovery C.
6 you are always welcome Barzalona m.
5 puffs of fire Thomas Ron.
9 Mars field LEGRAS G.
15th bless DEMURO C.


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