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Since at the helm of L’Amour est dans le pré on M6, Karine Le Marchand has been one of the French’s favorite animators. Starting next August 23, ex-partner Lillian Thuram will also make her big comeback at the helm of PAF’s most popular speed dating show. “You won’t hear that sentence in Season 16 of Love is in the mead…but there will be others that are funny, weird, and even a little embarrassing. Because it is also the words of our farmers that will give us happiness, as well as their love stories. It starts August 23, 9PM, on M6 and this season is going to keep its promises, believe me!Advertise the great friend of Stefan Plaza on Instagram.

The former host of Kindergarten on France 5 in a few years has become so popular that she sometimes receives funny messages from fans. Thursday, April 15, 2021, a citizen of Nancy revealed very strange mail content on social media. In his last story we can already hear him reading this letter whose sender preferred to remain anonymous. “ass, ass, ass … bit * bit * bit * bit *, buttocks, buttocks, buttocks …Read aloud.It’s not signed, it’s a shame because I like cultured men, literate men, cultured men a little bit all of that… well we kiss you then good afternoon eh!‘The host ends plainly that he is more shockingly funnier than this strange interest. But Karen Le Marchand is reassuring, some of the letters taking a more polite side.

Karen Le Marchand receives a letter from Brad Pitt

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And what’s more beautiful than on his birthday to receive sweet messages. On August 16, 2021, her 53rd birthday, the Channel Six host revealed the content of a small message accompanied by an adorable flower bouquet sent by Brad Pitt. On the cardboard sent to former JoeyStarr, we can see this message: “Happy birthday to my friend Karen. Funny, listening and tactile, who knows a lot of things but doesn’t know himself very much. With love Brad Pitt.Karen Le Marchand apparently enjoyed what seemed to be a farce perpetrated by one of her friends or one of her friends.

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