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one year outEurope 2024However, the Games seem to be on their way to an almost unambiguous conclusion: asserting a lineup that is populist and right-wing, against opponents in a crisis of identity and leadership. idea a Wind Province. It’s hard to stop now from the public perception. Even if it is not understood if this is the case raised by opponents to justify and abolish their incompetence; Or if it’s a truly unstoppable dynamic.

In this respect, it may resemble the Continental situation More and more to Italy after the politics of September 25th: with the opposition divided and inconsistent, and the strong majority divided in parallel by creeping tensions. A more heterogeneous Sovereign Nebula appears For what the adjective you specify suggests; It is transcended by a struggle beyond the electoral competition exacerbated by the proportional system.

The Russian invasion of Ukraine highlights the political differences Alien not only to the left. Portraying the distance between NATO Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni compared to Matteo Salvini and Silvio Berlusconi, not only juxtaposes the differences between the Pd and the M5S. It also raises those between “American” Poland and pro-Putin Hungary, which shattered the unity of the Eurosceptics of the “Viegrad Group”; and the contradictions in Warsaw between the People’s Party of Donald Tusk and the conservatives of Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki.

It’s not just a fight till the last vote, Which should then lead to a center-right alliance rather than the current alliance between the European People’s Party and the Socialists. It’s also a culture clash. The European Court of Justice, which condemned Poland for its judicial reform, expects conflicts destined to escalate. He notes the differences among the German people regarding the alliance with the conservatives headed by Giorgia Meloni. Once again, he faces a possibly defensive refusal from Salvini to join Ppe. And indirectly, she re-proposes the friendly privacy between the Italian prime minister and the mistress of the French right, Marine Le Pen, an ally of the League.

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It is a uniform nebula wallpaper with a strong dose From nationalism, and from some resentment of European “intervention”. But at the same time both were divided over the attitude towards the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, and tensions paradoxically exacerbated by the weakness of the opposing front. As in Italy, so in Europe One gets the impression that between now and 2024, the centre-right line-up will play both government and opposition at the same time.. With uncertain results, despite the obvious starting advantage.


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