Attacks and burning of churches: the nightmare that shook Canada

churches Burnouts Across the West: It may seem like the beginning of a terrifying scenario. Take a look at the reality, it becomes a plausible scenario. At least more than you think. Only this time, the question is completely different, presenting idiosyncrasies and certainties. Over the past few days, four churches in Canada have been hit by fires. Most likely a human hand is involved. International records indicate names and places that may seem distant: Chopaka, Sant’Anna, etc. Sounds like the French scenario of last summer, but if it is A phenomenon across the Alps We stayed in the generic box for “sabotage”, this time the reasons are assumed.

at Canada Churches were set ablaze after mass graves were discovered. Nothing can compare to french episodesTherefore, if not constant from the destruction of places of worship. The pits are those in which the bodies of many indigenous children reside. The institutions required these children to attend Christian Catholic schools. A kind of obligatory passage through which indigenous people adhere to Catholicism. A religious and cultural process carried out a century ago. A horrific story for sure, while the numbers are frightening: the bodies that have been found are hundreds and hundreds. One hundred and fifty thousand of those enrolled in those colleges. Canadians seem to be expecting more discoveries. To indicate that the numbers of the phenomenon of time and disappearances are what turned out to be many.

The danger is now open political issue Among the nations, with Canada which, in addition to watching the reopening of an old wound, with all that might follow in terms of its effect on public opinion, could only investigate the origins and responsibilities of the flames and the Vatican, who might decide to tackle the problem once and for all. If the fires were faced with some kind of belated retaliation carried out by individuals or groups, in short, it wouldn’t be amazing. For churches that have hitherto been set on fire, no specific responsibilities are known but the fact that evidence of those atrocities in the past has emerged is an easy feature of the unit.

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Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has asked the Bishop of Rome to go home to apologize. Pope Francesco He’s already said it, but he’ll probably talk about the issue again on occasions when he gets the chance to do so. Jorge Mario Bergoglio has never avoided scandals of this kind. In fact, it was the Argentine Pope who wanted to reopen some secret archives, precisely to put the Catholic Church before its potential responsibilities.

I personally spoke directly with His Holiness Pope Francis – Canadian Prime Minister said – , to make him understand how important it is not only that he apologize, but that he is apologizing to Native Canadians on Canadian soil.” The Pope already addressed the ancient question at the beginning of June, during the first discoveries: “We entrust the souls of all the deceased children in Canadian boarding schools to the Lord and we pray for the suffering Canadian families and Aboriginal communities. We pray in silence.” The Holy Father said, as pointed out Dbehavior. Bergoglio stigmatized any form of colonialism in these eight years, not to mention that which reached its climax as in Canada. However, this is not enough for progressive Justin Trudeau: he would like the Pope to organize a private visit with the aim of asking for forgiveness.

The French and Canadian cases – we said – have nothing in common, if not the churches that burn. In fact, the story of the burning of Catholic Christian places of worship appears to have become commonplace. no mention our lady, just stay in France, where there has been a steady text on the air for months: to set fire to churches, precisely, with their symbols and meaning. It is difficult for France to separate the plan of sabotage from the plan of attack, secular or fundamentalist. Every burning church has its motives. Although more than one person tried to peek at the overall design. Unexplained fires can also play a role. But this Canadian story is different.

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