Ben Yedder responds to David and allows Monaco to take a point against Lille


Monaco (AFP) – Monaco trailed by two goals (2-2) against Lille at State Louis II on Friday evening at the start of Day 14, but failed to win and, like his opponent, trampled on the water at L1.

Thanks to Wissam Ben Yedder’s seventh goal in the L1 this season, after leaving the Monaco savior bench, the Principals’ players took a 2-0 lead and were knocked out by double goal scorer Jonathan David.

However, before their European meetings, Lilly will face C1 against Salzburg on Tuesday and C3 for Monaco on Thursday if the meeting with Real Sociedad is standard and both organizations will not be satisfied at one point.

With Monaco, with 19 points (two in three days), and Lilly, with 17 points (three in 5 days), teams will lose more field with a view to qualifying for the Champions League next season.

Coaches Nico Kovac and Jocelyn Corvenek are tasked with making up for these lost points on the 15th day against Strasbourg (Sunday) and Nantes (Saturday) respectively.

Meanwhile, the first forty minutes were a nightmare for Captain Axel Tissachi and his teammates. Caught by the most aggressive Lily, the Monacoks quickly captured their target despite being a national holiday.

To Jonathan David Lewis II, who scored on a penalty for Lilly against AS Monaco on November 19, 2021 Valerie HACHE AFP

Serbian international center-back Strahinja Pavlovic had to throw himself at Seka’s feet in an attempt to counter his strike. Conclusion: Fines and warnings to Serbs.

Very good diop

Jonathan David, who returned from Canada, did not hesitate to score his 9th goal of the season (0-1, 5th).

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The confused Monacos were surprised very quickly again. Full axis, Jalov’s long start, David, unbearable, freed his opponents to score his 10th goal in the L1 between Alexander Nobel (0-2, 9th) legs.

While standing, Kovac’s men repeatedly approached the correction. But Nobel played better for each other than Jonathan Icon (12th) and David (39th).

Both of these exploitations kept Monaco alive. Especially the red and white started to try some attacks (put, 21st and 29th). Shortly before the break, Grebin Dietta gave his family a glimmer of hope that he had been deceived by Ivo Kripik (1-2, 41st) at a nearby post after a successful strike from the left.

Senegal suffered an injury at the end of the half, but Monacas continued to push if they had to give way to Gelson Martins at the break.

Senegal Monaco winger Griffin Dioat reduced the score against Lilly on November 19, 2021 at Louis II Stadium.
Senegal Monaco winger Griffin Dioat reduced the score against Lilly on November 19, 2021 at Louis II Stadium. Valerie HACHE AFP

Trained with an excellent Sophian Diop, blaster and accelerator, Monaco has created some opportunities. First, Jalo saved his order after a cunning gesture from Kevin Voland (49th). Later, Martins (55th), Tissachi (66th), Voland (74th) and Aurelian Tsoumani (76th) tried it. Myron Podu (72nd) took things into his own hands, until Wissam Ben Yedder entered the game instead of disappointing.

Served by Volland, the international, with a good comeback, defeated Grbic, still powerless on his closed side (2-2, 83rd), and allowed Monaco not to lose.


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