“I found the book Mein Kampf in Arabic in Gaza. This is how children are taught.”

Clashes in Tel Aviv between police and anti-government protesters after about 200 people tried to block traffic on Kaplan Street. According to Haaretz, officers tried to forcefully remove the demonstrators, and some of them were arrested. The Times of Israel published a video clip showing police officers on horseback dispersing the protest. The clashes occurred after some of the demonstrators gathered in Habiba Square spread to nearby Kaplan Street to obstruct traffic.

Netanyahu on TV: “I found the book Mein Kampf in Arabic in Gaza. This is how children are taught.”

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu shows on television an Arabic version of Adolf Hitler's book 'Mein Kampf' found in Gaza: This is how 'neo-Nazis' teach their children, the Times of Israel reports.

He said: “We will never forgive what Hamas did to our children,” and added: “There is no alternative to complete victory.” On October 7, “If they could, they would slaughter us all.” If we do not destroy Hamas, “the next massacre will be just a matter of time.”

Netanyahu described South Africa's request from the International Court of Justice in The Hague to try Israel for genocide as “outrageous.” The fact that the court approved the ruling “proves that many in the world have not learned the lessons of the Holocaust.” “The main lesson we learned is that we will defend ourselves,” he stressed.

Netanyahu then accused the hostage families of “reinforcing Hamas' demands” with demonstrations in support of the release of their loved ones. “I understand that you cannot control your emotions, but this does not help, and from what I see this only strengthens Hamas’ demands,” the Israeli Prime Minister said again this evening in a press conference, referring to the Hamas protests. Relatives of the hostages. “There's no need to encourage me, I deal with it all the time. This doesn't help,” he added, as thousands demonstrated in Tel Aviv to demand the release of the hostages.

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Families of the hostages demonstrate in front of Netanyahu's house

Dozens of people, including several family members of the hostages, protested in front of the Israeli Prime Minister's private residence in Caesarea. The Times of Israel reported that the demonstrators displayed pictures of the 136 abductees still in Gaza, chanting the slogan: “Bring them home now!”

Netanyahu should think about “fixing the mistakes” of October 7, instead of “reprimanding the families of the victims,” the Hostage Families Forum responded to Netanyahu regarding the demonstrations.

The forum quoted the hostages as saying, “The families met with world leaders, led efforts to transfer medicines to the hostages, brought the head of the International Criminal Court to Israel, and mobilized the media and key influencers to support Israel and the hostages.” The Times of Israel.

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