Elie Chamoun was a guest on picture of the week in the show 50′ inside, July 9, 2022 on TF1. Facing Nikos Aliagas, he mentioned the duo he formed with Dieudonné in his early days. Then he confirmed in return that their relationship took place after the controversial remarks of his friend.

Elie Simon and Dieudonne met in high school, in high school, in the early eighties. And after ten years, they formed a duo of comedians that distinguished the audience. On stage, they ridiculed social problems using their Jewish and African origins. But in 1997, after shooting their only feature film together (le clone), The friends decided to continue their journey separately. In question: financial and technical controversies, but also Dieudonnais’ controversial notes.

Elie Simon continued his career alone, occasionally forming a duet with Frank Dubusque. However, he never forgot his collaboration with Dieudonné. “It’s a big part of my life, that’s how I knew with Duodu“, Nikos Aliagas mentioned in 50′ inside Before proceeding:We were a symbol of anti-racism par excellence. We came from the suburbs then Something went wrong and I think it’s a shame“.

Elie Simon and Dieudonné are still in contact

The recently celibate comedian regrets what happened to the duo. “When I think about it, I still love him, but I feel like a brutal messHe said about Dieudonne. I regret that he is not an artist. He almost became political, and in somewhat dark areas. Sometimes we call each other, we see each other. We saw each other not long ago“.

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According to him, a person who has already been sentenced to prison would not be against returning to the front of the stage. “I have a feeling he wants to come back but I feel like it’s gone away. He might consider me a cheerful employee and as a person who took orders in the ranks. But I’d rather be in a position to be honestCertainly he said:I’m sorry we were really good. But hey, let’s just see the positive, is that we paved the way for a lot of people. For an entire generation of comedians, we are truly a classic, epitome, referenceIf some of their sketches really become cults, comedians aren’t ready to fix the duo.


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